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  • Help regarding endometriosis pain


    this is my first time posting here but I've read this forum for a long time and appreciate it a lot. I've been raw for 3 months and one of the first things I noticed was that my periods got better. But now, 3 months in, I still have problems with much pain etc. I've read that some people have success with fasting to alleviate endometriosis, and am looking for more information on that approach. And I am also curious in anything else that may help! Does anyone have any experience? Also if you have any links or directions to other resources about this I would be very grateful.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post, looking forward to learning from your experiences.

  • Why am I suddenly getting headaches?

    Hm. Sometimes detox takes longer to hit a person. 

  • Im having some do I do this?

    I lnow your questiin was asked some time ago, but I am nee to this community.  I am married to a vegan and I care for my mother who is not. Some days the temptation is truly there,  so I feel your pain. I use to be an emotional binge eater, and I constantly would break from the healthy lifestyle I desired to have. 

    I have gastroparesis (my stomach processes food slowly, making it difficult to take meds, and often times my stomach hurt after meals. I would have distant bloating, I was a type 2 diabetic, high blood pressure and cholesterol and I am a cancer aurvivor of 2 years. 

    One day I just got tired of being sick. Fast forward to one month of clean eating and no cheating, the results have been phenomenal.  

    The Dr. Told me months ago I had growth in the area in which cancer had been removed. Imagine my fear. I refused to get biopsied and started my RAW Vegan journey. 3 months since being told of the growth and 1 month RAW the growth is gone,  Im no longer diabetic, my blood preasure readings are normal, awaiting my next cholesterol check, I am now able to eat salads and more fruits/veggies (I could barely eat anything, a banana would make me full and make my tummy ache a little - it didnt take much), my appetite has actually increased and Im able to eat more. 

    Make sure you are filled up with what you need for self bedore cooking. The temptation will not be as great. If you are not able to drink a smoothie or munch on fresh fruit while cooking.  It can be challenging, but IT CAN BE DONE. Always remember your WHY? Why did you start? NOTHING tastes as good as HEALTHY feels. Just remind yourself of this ALWAYS. You've got this.  If you fell off by time you read this, start again. I'm rooting for you. We all need a cheerleader, Ill be that for you. laughing

  • What You Ate Today

    Breakfast: nothing this day

    Lunch: salad with field greens and romain mixed; chopped up carrots, red onions, mini sweet red/orange/yellow bell peppers; baby tomatoes,  avocado, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (grinded up), topped with a honey mustard dressing (Dijon mustard and maple syrup) So yummy!


    Dinner: a mango & blueberry smoothie bowl toppwed with bananas, pomegranate, and hempseeds

  • Why am I suddenly getting headaches?


    Ive been RAW for one month now. Ive only been consuming fruits, veggies, grinded seeds and nuts in the form of dressings and nut butters. Due to my slow digestion I find its easier for me to not eat nuts and seeds without breaking them down and not eating them straight out of the bag. I have not gotten into sprouting lentils, etc... as of yet. (I want to give a bit of history of my diet. Question: I have woken up with a headache for the past 2 mornings.  I havent been able to immediately check my blood pressure. Any suggestions as to why Im suddenly gettinfgheadaches? Ive been fine up until now.

    Thank you kindly!

  • Raw Nuts and Sun-Dried Fruits

    Red dates and dried figs are mine favourites. I use dried fruits in my routine.

  • Breakfast suggestions?

    i make banana shake and mix some dried fruits in it .it makes me feeling energetic whole the day

  • Dried fruit

     i makes a trail mix in which i mostly add nuts, raisins, cashew nut and dried apricot .its not only tasty but also gives me energy for my whole day

  • Less hungry on raw diet?

    I’m very relieved to read all of these responses. I’ve been raw for about a month and a half and the last couple of days I am having a hard time eating my salad at dinner. I’ll make a smoothie later in the evening. 

  • Raw Homeschooling

    Exploring the world with my two adventurous children, aged 5 and 8, has been an extraordinary journey. It's a testament to the beauty of homeschooling, a lifestyle that allows us to seamlessly blend learning with the wonders of nature. In our family, we believe that our connection with nature is sacred. The rustling leaves, babbling brooks, and chirping birds are our companions in this grand adventure. We teach our children to respect and cherish the environment, understanding that we are an integral part of this delicate balance. But homeschooling is about more than just nature; it's about keeping pace with the modern world. We want our children to be tech-savvy and recognize the power of devices like computers and smartphones. These tools aren't just for entertainment; they connect us with distant loved ones and open doors to knowledge. Our smartphone serves as a lifeline, allowing us to call family and friends who are miles away. It's a bridge between our cozy home and the world beyond. The computer, on the other hand, is a portal to education. With programs like Magic Desktop, we create a safe space for our children to learn, create, and play. It's a digital wonderland where they explore and grow, all under the watchful eye of parental controls. Our diverse approach to upbringing isn't about choosing between nature and technology; it's about embracing both. We've witnessed the results firsthand – our children are blossoming, curious, and well-rounded. Their horizons are boundless, a testament to the harmonious blend of nature, technology, and education.The journey continues, and we're excited to see the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. It's a beautiful tapestry we're weaving – one that combines the simplicity of nature with the wonders of the digital age.