Healing from fibromyalgia, allergies. Your personal stories.


I looked through the forum posts and found some things about raw helping fibromyaliga, but more were posted over a year or more ago. I'm hoping to hear from members that have significantly improved, if not completely eliminated fibromyalgia symptoms after going raw. I have had fibro for over 8 years now and am so tired of feeling awful and would love to move on with life! I currently don't work and aspire to get my degree in nutrition, but the symptoms make it difficult to stay in school. I also have some pretty annoying hay fever/ragweed allergies and anxiety I'd like to kick. I tried going 100% raw for a month a few years ago, but became so weak and tired (more than usual!) that I had to take two weeks off from work. I have been up and down on the raw scale since then, but lately have been eating mostly cooked, whole vegan foods. This time around I'd like to ease into raw a little slower, starting with juice/smoothies in the morning, more salads and then going from there.

Advice, stories, links would all be fantastic!


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    Hi Angela,

    Do you take medicine for your allergies? I used to have TERRIBLE allergies to dust, pollen, trees, any fury animal, laundry detergent, and chlorine (basically any weird thing out there). They all started when I was about 4 and I would throw up every time I went to the pool. I got all these tests done and found out all my allergies. I also got hives all the time (maybe 3 times a day) and my eyes were crazy itchy. So I had been on medicine for about 14 years and then I discovered RAW. I decided to stop taking my Allegra (and all other meds) and used Vitamin C in its place. I eventually went from 2 Vit C tablets a day to 1 a day to a few a week and now I don't need any. I honestly have no allergy problems anymore, but I also eat a 90-95% raw diet.

    Hope this helps!!

  • Thanks Joanna, that totally helps! I used to take Allegra and Claritin and still take Benedryl when my allergies are really bad, but I hate taking meds so I either just suffer and/or hide inside with an air purifier.

    Any particular brand of Vitamin C?

  • I also have fibromyalgia and have had remarkable improvement with the raw lifestyle. The biggest improvement came from green smoothies. If I eat too much non-raw food or even some raw nuts (mostly cashews) I have regression. I kept a food log for a long time with notations of how good or bad I was feeling. I could see a definite correlation between what I ate the day before to how I felt. If I fell off the wagon for a few days and ate alot of cooked food it would take me about 5 days to recover eating strict raw. I also notice improvement with Hallelujah Acres Barley Max. The more greens I eat the better I feel. So now I mostly eat fresh fruit and greens. As for the seasonal allergies I found raw local honey in my smoothies help alot. I know its not vegan but it does work. I havent had a full blown sinus infection, headache or major allergy attack in a couple years. If I start to get sniffly or draining I get out my herbs if necessary. Oddly I am allergic to most medications, especially anything sinus related, antibiotics or pain relievers.

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    One of my good friends from way back had severe fibromyalgia. She cut out all gluten and dairy and is now pain free as well as kicking her asthma issues. Sounds like you are already vegan, so if you do consume gluten, start by getting rid of wheat and gluten and see if you notice improvement.

    Good luck!

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