trouble making chocolate with cocoa butter, agave

valgal123valgal123 Raw Newbie

I spent $20 on cocoa butter to make chocolate. The recipes I have tried all use agave as sweetener. Well, it separates from the butter. I really don't want to spend another $20 for lucuma powder or yacon powder so I can make raw chocolate! I bought molds to, I was not expecting this! Sweet Gratitude uses sucanat, but thats sugar so that is out. Need help. Thanks


  • keewikeewi Raw Newbie

    Are you using cacao powder too?

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    I'm not very experienced in chocolate making, so I tend to throw the ingredients in the blender with the melted cacao butter. By hand, it helps if the agave goes in last so it has other ingredients to work with. Here is some summer chocolate inspiration from the raw chef:

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Are you making chocolate by tempering it? If you are, here are some directions:

    Tempering Chocolate

    I learned how to temper chocolate at the Eden Hot Springs retreat from Jeff Bottocelli, creator of the Fortina Bar. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds pretty simple!

    1. Use a glass double boiler on lowest heat. You can find Pyrex double boilers on ebay. Stainless steel double boilers can leave a slightly metallic taste.

    2. Combine cacao powder and cacao butter with a whisk in equal portions until drippy. Whisking creates emulsification. Bring the temp to 115 to 120 degrees, using a digital thermometer. You can buy these at a kitchen store like Williams Sonoma, or maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    3. Add agave. Don't add beforehand, or the mixture might get too thick.

    4. Bring temp down to 86 degrees. Keep using the digital thermometer to check the temp.

    5. As the temp get down close to 86 degrees, add your other ingredients, i.e., nuts, gojis, zest, bee pollen, medicinal mushroom supps, maca, noni powder, cayenne, ginger, salt, etc. If you add honey, you might not want to mix it in fully, for this will leave some lovely honey pockets!

    6. When the temp hits 86 degrees, use a hot plate or the range to bring the temp back up to 89 degrees. If you use the range, you will have to do this a few times to keep the temp steady. It usually takes about 10 seconds or so on the range to get the temp back up to 89 degrees.

    7. Keep the temp at 89 degrees for up to 10 minutes. This will increase emulsification, aligning the molecular structure. However, Jeff said once it hits 89 degrees, you can pour it into your molds right away if you like.

    8. Let the mixture cool, and then refrigerate for up to 48 hours. Cover to prevent condensation.

    9 Wrap at room temp. If wrapped when cool, this will create condensation.

    Tip: Don't use coconut oil when tempering, it won't work!

    Have fun with the chocolate creations! Blessings, Andrew.

    One more thing. I think that after adding the additional ingredients, it might be a good idea to check the temp again right away, since adding these ingredients might lower the temp.

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