Endurance on Raw Food Diet... while cutting out grains???

belikeyeshuabelikeyeshua Raw Newbie

I need to cut out grains as much as possible. The problem is that I need my energy and endurance because I work a very good but somewhat hectic job. Sometimes we eat a snack at 11:00 and do not eat lunch until 1:45-2:00. I need something to keep me going. I cannot eat too many empty calories. I'm thinking about eating more eggs (mostly raw) and Raw, Organic Whole Milk. But that does not solve my problem though... except give more protein in my smoothies. Then, I also know that its the nutrients we crave often... so, what should I start taking?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Fruit, fruit, and more fruit! :)

    Quick question: are you saying that the break between 11am and 2pm is a long time between meals? I would say that you are not eating enough. I regularly eat a meal of fruit at 10am and do not eat again until 3pm. There are even days when I eat only two meals a day with 6-7 hours between them.

    I do not feel hungry or deprived at all because I am getting enough calories from sweet fruit.




  • Wanderful_VeganWanderful_Vegan Raw Newbie

    I certainly cant go 6-7 hours without eating. My body requires more fuel than that. There are times when it works for me but for the most part..I need to eat a bit more frequently.

    I would try making sure you up your caloric intake for breakfast by adding ina smoothie or something. I am completely agree with swayze in that fruit could be a good idea. I find alot of times I am just dehydrated so the fruits just help me stay feeling full. What about Raw bars or something? They are high in fat but could be a solution for you!

    Good luck!


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