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Hey I'm a veg newbie aspiring to be vegan

Hey y'all I am a vegetarian newbie (since early 2009) that is aspiring to be vegan. I joined this blog because I am passionate about vegetarianism. It has helped me lose weight, get in shape, lower my triglycerides, lower my blood pressure, lower my cholesterol, and improve my productivity. I would like to promote the benefits of vegetarianism to a wider audience over the web.

Besides my interest in vegetarianism, I enjoy studying astrology, math, and martial arts. You could describe me as one big nerd.

I currently live in NYC on the UWS. I just moved in here on a sublet. Previously I lived in Chicago and worked in finance there. Before that I lived in NYC and had the time of my life. I absolutely love NYC and do not want to live anywhere else. Everytime I am in NYC I feel calm and complete, as if I am where I am suppose to be. I do not feel like anywhere else, save Amsterdam and Tokyo....I also dig New Orleans.

I am currently unemployed and on a fitness kick. I try to take yoga, martial arts, weight training, or cardio classes everyday. I like classes more than doing things myself because other people in the class help with motivation...kinda like that band of brother idea.

I guess that's enuff about me...if you like my posts pls do comment / get in touch...and check out my website for vegetarian men


  • Jellysky is awesome...takes one to know one

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