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do you like carob?

So I bought some carob powder for the first time, thinking I could substitute it for cocoa. My goodness, it tastes NOTHING like chocolate. It tastes like really bad roasted coffee. Is this how carob suppose to taste like? Or did I buy a bad brand?

What can I do with it to mask the strong awful taste? Or should I throw it out?


  • My Dr told me I can't do chocolate as it's hard on the adrenalsand has caffiene, (and I have health issues, so have to be careful) so once you reside that it's the closest thing I will get to have, it's o.k. but I use it in ice cream. frozen bananas, a few cherries for fun, and carob powder. It tastes deccadent to me and no guilt, and more important I don't feel sick after, or feel like calling up people I have seen in years and saying "I love you man".....

    and too, it would be like just putting coco in something without sugar. It defanantly needs a sweetner of some sort.

    and at www.naturalzing.com they have some really wonderful carob treats, raw oreos, and truffles.

  • missemy - carob itself, what does it taste like to you? Does it taste like roasted coffee? The powder that I bought has a really strong coffee scent. Is this how it supposed to be? (The scent grosses me out.)

  • well, maybe it's something your body doesn't want. I just went and tasted it, and it tasted pretty good. creamy actually. don't throw it out, send it to me ;)

    sorry it's not something that works for you,


  • em - Does it taste sweet to you, or bitter?

    I'd send it to you, but I'm in China~ :)

  • It needs a sweetener. I like to mix mine 1/2 and 1/2 with raw cocoa and the raw carob and add plenty of sweetener.

    HTH Jodi

  • no, but the one I have has sugar. but the ingrediants state it's just carob. and it does taste sweet. but like Jodi said, add sweetner and then see.


  • you know what, i think i bought the wrong kind. i got the roasted one, maybe this is why the taste is so bitter?

    does yours look like this? (dark color)


    or this (light)


  • i think carob is gross. not a replacement for cacao.

  • Carob is great with bananas and sweetened to taste. Also you can try 1/2 carob and 1/2 cacao powder in your sweets treats or smoothies

    Quick Frozen Carob Treast

    Coco Banana mix 2 organic bananas with 1/4 cup of organic raw cacao powder and sweetened to taste with organic agave and cinnamon to taste then, freeze in ice cube tray.

    Health Benefits of Carob


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    Raw carob is lighter than the roasted. It tastes really yummy in my opinion when it's blended with some raw honey, vanilla, and bananas. I still prefer cacao powder over carob, but if your going for a more malty sort of flavor and less fat, I would stick to carob.


  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie
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    I personally dont like it, it is just way to intense for my system and it makes me feel sick! But some people really enjoy it so I suppose its to each his/her own.


  • I actually really enjoy Carob - especially carob pods - a nice light snack/treat. You get used to Carob after the first few tries... it is NOT anything like Chocolate and if you are thinking that, then of course you will be disappointed... I hope you find a good alternative! You can always do 1/2 carob and 1/2 cacao powder....

  • www.carobfruit.com here you can get detailed info about carob and also buy pure carob

  • I ate some carob pods straight off the tree in Spain. Gorgeous!!

  • Oh yes, the fresh whole carob pods are delicous--I don't care for the raw carob powder, however (only the roasted carob powder tastes good in my opinion, but I can do without both kinds.)

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