Fatty liver at 23 after a 9 year long 100% raw diet? (or is it A1AT?)

geicageica Raw Newbie

Anyone ever heard of such a thing?!

I'm 23, I have been eating 100% raw for 9 years now (yep, you got me right). I mainly eat fruit, vegetables, nuts from time to time. I'm not vegan so I have eggs maybe once a week or once in two weeks, meat about twice a month, fish or shellfish every so often. Nothing really exceptional... The foods I eat are, say, 98% fresh foods (not dehydrated prepared stuff). I'm not overweight (62kg for 1m72), I have normal energy levels (my usual low blood presure from time to time, but nothing much).

I have a 3 year old son, I am still breastfeeding him (scarcely now, but still). When I gave birth, I lost a LOT of blood, so much that 3 months after giving birth, my first blood test said I was at 0.7g/dl of hemoglobin, which is the limit at which doctors start to wonder if they should do a blood transfer (three months after giving birth!).

This week I went in to the doctor for a couple of checks (iron & vitamin D which have always been low) and to check for a genetic disorder that runs in my family. My family has a history of alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency. Basically, people who have that don't produce enough of a protein that controls an enzyme in the lungs which's purpose is to eat dead cells. If left uncontrolled, that enzyme eats good cells. It also affects the liver (I don't know in what way really, maybe the same).

The doctor wanted to do an echography of my liver - routinely, with the blood test. Turns out my liver is somewhat fatty (she didn't say it was really bad, but still).

She says it probably has nothing to do with my diet (I didn't even tell her I eat raw, just by seeing how I look she said that I must have a good diet - like I don't eat chips, chocolate and fried food day in and day out!) and that I'm just too young to have this now.

Nonetheless, I wonder...

I haven't gotten the results of the blood test for the A1AT yet. If it's positive, then the fatty liver is probably due to that. But what if not...? I just don't get it.

Has anyone anything to say about all this? I'm kind of lost.

I'll be in touch with my doctor in the beginning of the week, to see if the results have arrived.

But I can't get all this off my mind - I need a little comfort I guess...



  • Hi Geica,

    I'm a Registered Dietitian. A high fat diet is not a cause of fatty liver, however alcoholism, metabolic disorder, and obesity can be causes. Your diet sounds healthy and your weight is good, so unless you're a raging alcoholic you can probably stop worrying about your food causing the fatty liver.



  • geicageica Raw Newbie

    Hi Lorena, thanks for your reply.

    No: I'm no alcoholic, I've never even gotten the occasion to try any alcohol.

    Well, I thought that obesity and a fatty liver both took source in a poor quality diet, so if obesity is linked to fatty liver, than it automatically links to a poor diet.

    I really should just wait for monday to call the doctor...


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