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what's everyone being for halloween???

i just got a pirate's wench costume to wear to this halloween swing dancing party i'm going to. just curious to see if anyone else is dressing up : )


  • i'm a devil!

  • I'm going to be a voodoo doll.

  • Nothing! Passing out bananas and dates at my house. :)

  • Black Cat. And, I'm giving out lots of candy at my house:-)

  • Woo! Halloween thread!

    I'm being some kind of witch-thing- I bought a kid's costume in a large because it was 12 bucks, as opposed to about 40- it's fairly loose, so it definitely fits, but... I might need pants of some kind. I was planning on cutting the shoulders a bit and making ties so that it hangs lower like an actual dress, so I think it'll work. Plus I got some fishnets and boots... fun stuff! Except I hope I won't look like one of those college-kids who wear underwear and animal ears and call it a costume... that's why I didn't want to buy a full costume, also... they seem terribly trampy this year. So instead I'm wearing a kid's costume and no pants. Niiiiiice.

    Anyone else?


    I am the ghost from Scream...not too original but I wanted to use a costume that I already had.

  • bean, my sister is wearing that exact description of a trampy costume!! haha that made me laugh. she's being a "sexy" cat (i didn't know cats were sexy in the first place) and she's wearing black silk booty shorts, a hot pink corsette, a tail, and cat ears.

  • the59sound- i love that you're handing out bananas and dates! i would love to go trick or treating if i got fruit from all the houses haha

  • Eep. *blushes* Hey, it's still a great looking costume, just a bit skimpy for my comfort zone, lol. Kudos to her for being able to go outside in underwear!

  • I'm going to be Sandra Dee from Grease...pink poodle skirt n all and my sister, her daughters and my daughter are dressing up as Pink Ladies! We don't go trick or treating for a few reasons but always go to a friend's for a big fall party...we shall see if we win the group costume award this year!

  • sv3sv3

    the59sound - good on you! We barely celebrate Halloween over in the UK but my b'friend has used it as an excuse to stock up on choc/sweets so he gets to eat whatever is left!

  • I made a robot costume...pics coming soon.

  • edited September 17

    I love fancy dress. I got dressed with 3 friends as Baywatch. We cut holes in a dinghy and walked around in it all night.

    Ofaniel7 I'd love to see your photos, all homemade fancy dress rocks!


  • I was the queen of Hearts!

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