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Exercise - I need a new pilates or yoga plan.

I've been using the same pilates dvd for 3 years now, and although it was challenging at first, I find it now very mundane, boring, and don't see/feel results.

The dvd is not even really pilates - it's Denise Austin's Pilates Challenge, so it feels more like intense stretching combined with some aerobic-type exercises, which is not what pilates should really be.

I can't join a class, and if I do, I can't go to one regularly for 1. i don't have a car, 2. i don't have money.

I really enjoy both pilates and yoga, so is there a dvd or book that anyone could recommend for me that's challenging but practical? I really appreciate it. : D


  • Vegnkid,

    I also do yoga and am now starting to add raw food to my diet. I was in a similar boat to you early in my yoga training. I diversified away from my one DVD by taking videostreamed classes on yogatoday.com. The teachers are very good and they give a taste of three different styles of yoga. The classes go all the way from easy to intermediate levels.

    One of the styles that I particularly enjoyed on yogatoday.com was Kundalini yoga. Now, Kundalini Yoga is my primary practice. I do all of the yoga out of instruction manuals that I bought at www.yogatech.com.

    I currently do yoga, tai chi, bagua, and hsing-i (which are internal chinese martial arts). I find the yoga and internal martial arts practices complement one another very well.

    Good luck with your practice. If you need any further information, don't hesitate to ask.

    Best wishes,


  • One other comment I forgot to make, another good resource for yoga is yahwehyoga.net . Depending on your religious views, this may be a good resource for you. I visited their studio on a business trip and was very impressed with the instruction and professionalism of the staff.



  • OMG, the bar method dvd is incredible! You can use a chair to replace the ballet bar. It's a mixture of yoga, ballet, pilates and strength training. I'm an avid cyclist and runner and this dvd kicked my buttocks :-).

  • Hi Vegankid,

    Try yogatoday.com. They post one new 50-60min yoga class per week and have some shorter classes in their blog section. Some of the classes are challenging! There are three different teachers with several different styles of yoga: kundalini, hatha, anusara, ashtanga/vinyasa. Good stuff.

    Also, while I don't know of specific workout dvds to recommend, I do know that my local library has a good selection of yoga and pilates DVDs--you might try looking into your library!

  • I am SUCH a big fan of yogatoday.com! My favorite by far...also, for pilates, you could try to download Mari Winsor pilates, she's such a drill sergeant...

    womenshealthmag.com often has downloadable and printable yoga flows...you could try to follow on of theirs with Tara styles... but I always find that a video is much easier and nicer than following on paper and always having to look down, or turn pages.

  • Thank you guys. :)

  • Thanks :D

  • I've got two suggestions

    1. Sadie Nardini's video. It's meant to be good and a quite tough workout. I really want to try it, but it's made for US/Canadian dvd players only. Boo!

    2. David Swenson's Ashtanga dvd could be useful to learn the Ashtanga primary series. Once you know it, you don't need a dvd, you can just practice on your own.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I have good luck searching Google video for yoga classes - you can select the video length you're looking for to find real classes. I usually try to watch them one time through so I know if it's something I feel like doing.

    I have also been successful finding shorter (20-30 minute) yoga practices for specific purposes - like hip openers, digestion, relaxation, etc. Also Yogamates.com and Yogajournal.com have a few "freebies" but you have to hunt for them.

  • ah! I'd never heard of yogamates.com before, and now i'm HOOKED...thanks Suasoria for posting it:)

  • I watch yoga and pilates videos on youtube. Its free and their are hundreds to choose from. Tara stiles is great. They wrote about her in the NY Times Sunday. Not boring at all! She has TONS of videos on youtube. There are also tons of pilates videos. You can search well-known instructors and usually find their videos.

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