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This is for everyone

Well, more so for people who have self-portraits as their avatars. You all look so good!! Have to say, it's great encouragement for me when I'm just starting out with a raw diet. Really uplifting!


  • That's so sweet! Thanks! We look forward to seeing yours too.

  • Thank you! I have noticed that too! Such clear smooth and glowing skin! There must be something to this raw thing! I wish you all the best as you begin your raw journey!

  • I agree! Everyone looks vibrant, ageless, and modelesque! Imagine if the whole world did raw (and no shampoo)...what a better place it would better place it would be: so much less pollution, gorgoues people everywhere, long life spans, smart healthy people, practically no animal cruelty, nature preseverd. Just think!

  • Glowing, and exuding health through their eyes, skin, hair. I like looking at it. :) It really is amazing. I love nature!

  • Aw, you inspired me to put up a real picture - it's not great but it will do.

  • Is it weird that I want to add everyone on this site as Facebook friends just to perv on all their photos? These tiny pics don't say enough!! :D

  • I love your tattoos, Bush!!! They're beautiful!

  • Thanks a mil! I'm covered. Thirty-six hours went into my arm alone with more work still to be done. LOVE. TATTOOS. They're a strange addition, as I'm sure every tattooed person knows! :D

  • Anyone else addicted to the before/after galleries of some raw-websites? Just wow.

  • I was saying the same thing to my BF when I was researching back to being raw again

    People on raw are so good looking!

    I have been raw for about one week now and I can see myself looking brighter in the face, my clothes are looser and I don't always need a nap at 4 pm.

    I can't wait to become a full glowing raw foodie!

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