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Hi there!

Anyone else from here from the continent?

I'm from middle europeand I'd love to share experiences, shopping tips, etc! =)

So if you're around here, drop a note!


  • I'm in Ireland. A bit different but maybe some similarities.

  • I'm in Ireland too. Where are you Steve?

  • Sligo, you?

    Sorry for derailing your topic already Elana! :)

  • Mayo. Not much rawness out west. Have you found much? Ya sorry Elana:)

  • No problem at all guys! We seem to have similar problems...! =)

  • Tell you what, giz a shout - flabbyvegan@hotmail.com. Good to have some like-minded people in the area!

  • I'm 75% raw in Denmark :)

  • Raw in Sweden!!!!!!


    Raw in Germany

  • I hope to go back to Europe, but as of yet, still in America.

  • Oh RFA, I'm from Austria! Welcome! Where are you from? I don't know about a single forum for raw foodists in german, do you have any recommendations? I was already thinking of creating one myself! =)

    have_mersay, where do you plan on going? Do you want to travel or find a place to settle down?

  • Raw in Finland

  • Denmark too!

  • I turned raw last year and lost 38 kilos in 6 months not much raw action here,I am in Belgium loving the raw expierience never felt better Diabetes under control and am full of energy and raw vegetables

  • dancing_barefoot, I plan on going to Germany, but hopefully visiting Austria and Switzerland; I've never been and they are both beautiful. The second my feet touched the ground in Germany, I knew deep within me, I was home. I can't express the breaking in my soul when It was time to leave. :)

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