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quick and filling? also - iron?

I am a college student, new to raw. I've been dabbling for a while - but am plugging away at being full-raw soon (high raw right now). I was wondering, what are some healthy, inexpensive snacks that will keep me going during the day? It's a little hard to whip out a salad while I'm studying in the library, and I don't like to eat a lot of cheap nuts (peanuts and sunflowers seeds) because weight loss is one of my reasons for rawness (not the top, but one of them). I do eat nuts, but not a lot. Anyway - what do you all do for snacks? I need something packable and satisfying?

Also - I am low in iron. I eat spinach - but what are other ways for a raw vegan to get iron? I used to eat kidney beans when I was vegan. What now?



    I always find apples & bananas to be very portable, cheap and filling. I'll have 2 apples or 2 bananas for a snack and it seems to do the trick for a couple of hours.

    As for iron most leafy greens, parsley & sea vegetables, like seaweed are high in iron. Almonds & cashews also have iron.

    I found this page that might be useful to you on iron in a raw vegan diet


  • I second the apples and bananas.

    Also, big boxes of clementines!

    As long as you have a place to unpeel them, they're nice little sweeties in their own little package.

    Seasonal fruit is usually pretty cheap.

    As for iron, broccoli, green beans, beets, watermelon, dates and prunes are all good raw sources.

  • I...love...apples!!! Those are my snacks. I shamelessly eat them beside my neighbor who's shoving a big mac down their throat. Oranges, bananas, apples...

    Hey, sometimes I eat spinach like pop-corn. Just bring it in a little bag or bowl and chow down! Sooo yummy! Pick it up with your fingers and enjoy! om nom nom...

  • Dates really helped to improve my iron and flax seeds are high in iron too

    I posted a recipe on here and if you're in a dorm and can't dehydrate then omit the apple sauce (it just gives extra flavor, but it's delicious without it; also you can use coconut flavor for enhancement) and only use 2-3

    Tbsp water


    I would also suggest drinking OJ with the cakes to insure the absorption of iron

    I've heard of ready made crackers by Foods Alive (there are other brans as well)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yup, greens!

    But, I must say pumpkin seeds contain 25% iron according to the Nutrition Data on the ones I bought.

    And, this website says pumpking seeds can have 115% iron:


    Don't forget, you need Vitamin C and B12 to help with absorption.

  • can i get B12 from flax seeds? the Bs are another set of vitamins I'm a little concerned about. I took a vegan supplement before, but it's not raw.

  • There was another post put up by someone struggling with taking a snack to work that wouldn't be difficult to eat on the go, and someone wrote back with an awesome suggestion that I've since tried and now love :) It's called a "Gorilla Sandwich", I wish I could remember the link so you could see pics, but what you do is take half a cucumber, or less depending on how big it is or how big of a snack you want, hollow out the middle, mix up some bruschetta or any kind of mixture that would taste good with cucumber, then fill the hollow cucumber with the mix, wrap it with plastic wrap, and away you go! You just eat it with your hands, no fork needed! I've filled mine with lot's of stuff, mostly bruschetta using just chopped tomatoes, garlic powder, and basil, and adding some of the cucumber that I dug out, but you could put almost anything in there. I've done a really delicious mexican mix before, using yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, sprouts, cumin, cilantro, and lime juice. It's like eating a salad stick or something, ha! Anyway, it's just kind of fun and different... Hope that helps!!!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Carrots pack well and are great to snack on.

    Nutritional yeast, while isn't raw, is acceptable to many. It contains B vitamins and is delicious! You can chop some cauliflower, drizzle a tiny bit of oil on it , put it in a ziploc with some yeast and shake it up really well. It's pretty portable and about as messy as a bag of Cheetos.

  • I never have eaten a shop bought one, I always just make my own along the line suggested by Veggie Bean but the links above gave me the idea of how to hollow out the cucumber

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Dried fruit is a filling snack that is almost always high in iron. Having a few nuts with the fruit (or, ideally, after) will help balance your blood sugar.

    Dates stuffed with the nut (or nut butter) of your choice is also a great, really filling snack. I believe sesame seeds (or tahini) are a good source of iron, as well.

    And search around for Vitamin Code's Raw B supplement. They're vegan, and raw (or so the company claims).

  • thanks everyone! these are such great ideas. i am snacking on a banana right now and wishing i had read the post about the gorilla bar before i left home this morning!

    i do have nutritional yeast.

    also, thinking about buying some bulk seed. i use a ton in smoothies and raw granola (hemp, sunflower, or pumkin, etc) and wondering if any of you know of the best place to order bulk at low cost.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    for iron, greens and seeds.

    what kinds of seeds do you want? we usually get chia seeds from amazon.com.

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