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DreaDrea Raw Master

Hello everyone! I just ordered some kelp noodles and I love the neutral flavor, but I'm not a fan of the crunch! Is there a way to get rid of the crunch?


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Have you tried soaking them?

  • Actually, I put the Alfredo sauce on them, dehydrate them for an hour and they are soft and warm and cheesy and yummy!

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Maybe a dehydrator might work because of the extended heat, but plain-soaking in warm water did not help me either. I miss my kelp noodles!

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    Yeah, I tried soaking them, but no luck. I will try dehydrating them. I heard soaking them in an acid of some sort would do it, does anyone have info on this?

  • NyahzNyahz Raw Newbie

    Hi Drea,

    try putting your sauce/dressing on the noodles and leaving them to absorb for ~ 45 min and they should be soft. I think it's the acid in the sauce that does the trick!

  • Does soaking in an acid or dressing get rid of the bitter taste also? I tasted a dish made with kelp noodles, purchased some, and just couldn't get past it. There must be some secret to prepping them I missed.

  • Yes, you need to soak in water and lemon juice and then rinse before using.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    well you know, I used to eat those kelp noodles and thought they were good with a little soy sauce. But my favorite was dumping a bunch of tomato sauce on them :). I did it with non-raw sauce when I was lazy once, and the crunch seemed a lot less noticeable because of the flavors in the sauce. you can make a raw sauce by blending sundried tomatoes with a bit of water, and salt and spices. it's super good.

  • NyahzNyahz Raw Newbie

    The only time I've noticed any bitterness is when I don't wait for them to soften long enough, but rinsing should do the trick if you're really sensitive to that taste =)

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    I guess I'm weird because I really like the cruchiness and bitterness of kelp noodles! I'll eat them straight out of the package without anything on them (but they do taste better in a salad!).

    Are you supposed to soak kelp noodles? Is it ok to eat them without soaking them?

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    ok...I tried dehydrating them, didnt work. I tried putting a cashew based alfredo sauce on them & dehydrating them, didnt work. Would soaking them in the lemon juice and water work for SOFTENING them, if so, how long do I have to soak them? I have 3 bags and I dont want to waste them, HELP..LOL!

  • Yes, soak them for about 1/2 an hour in water and lemon juice. It helps to massage it in too.

  • Where can you buy kelp noodles? What do they taste like?

  • definitely soak/rinse them first - they have a weird plastic smell out of the bag - this goes away.

    then put your sauce on them, which should have some kind of oil and acid. let sit for 30-60 mins and they'll soften up a lot. if you let them sit overnight they'll get REALLY soft

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