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Quit Smoking before OR after going raw?

Hi everyone,

Heres the deal. I quit smoking for a year and a half and then started again in September. I quit again in December and Now started again. The point is I am able to quit smoking but then I eat the most terrible food. Yes,I replace it with food. I have never been able to go raw for more than 2 days. So I concluded that I am far more addicted to food then I am to cigarettes. It makes sense because we eat cooked food since we are babies so for me its been 21 years. And Ive only smoked for 6 years.

I think it would be easier for me to transition to raw and once Im confortable and I am not hooked on cooked foods and I am detoxed,THEN I will quit smoking. Has anyone had good results with going raw first? I hear once you go raw,you naturally lose the craving to smoke anyway. And I dont smoke much btw. Thoughts on this?


  • I started eating raw foods in Jan 2009. (mainly breakfast and lunch)

    In October 2009, I quit smoking completely. I just didn't care to anymore, and I think its because I had cut the processed foods from my diet.

  • Awesome! So there IS hope!! :) So then its not crazy to go raw first?

  • No Its not, I went raw first and then the amount I was smoking went down. It happens quite naturally.

  • Thank you!!

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Your determination is encouraging.

  • elenillaelenilla Raw Newbie

    I'm 21 and smoked for 6 years before going vegan. My lifestyle changed; I took care of myself, lost weight, joined Bikram Yoga and suddenly quit smoking. It was a transformation.

    Take it easy. You can do this. I joined a quitting group and it was very helpful, maybe you could give it a shot.

    Good luck!

  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

    When I went vegan a few years ago I was a smoker, and within a few days my nicotene cravings had shrunk drastically! And here's a tip I discovered by accident: having the aftertaste of fruit juice in your mouth makes cigarette smoke taste unbearably horrible!

  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    I agree with the others, I no longer desired to smoke after going raw. It took a few weeks. When I backslid to cooked food, I started smoking again. Raw food is the easiest way to quit smoking AND drinking alcohol.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    hmm it depends when i went raw i started smoking more because i didnt have the serotonin releasing mass carbs from bread and such. But in time i lowered it to nothing and quit.


  • senuani Deletedsenuani Deleted Raw Newbie
    edited September 2019

    I started quitting smoking before going raw to reduce the level of stress for my organism, but honestly, I still am. I smoke vape when I can't help it. I heard it's less harmful and more vegan, so I don't blame myself. 

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