I am very new to raw, this is day 6 for me, so I will be asking alot of questions to help me along this very exciting journey. I was eating a SAD diet until 6 days ago! I have always eaten healthy, not really a junk food eater, execpt for ice cream! I was reserching vegetarinism, when I came across raw diets. It just sounded so much better, it made more sense, and voila, here I am! Right now I am close to 80 or 90 % raw, I have eaten black olives and a little feta cheese on my salads and some soy milk when I didn't have any nut milk. Sometimes I get sooo hungry, I am not really sure how much I am supposed to be eating. Can someone help me out here? I have bought 2 books so far and I am not sure how much a serving is. I also soaked some almonds and they didn't really dry out and they ended up going moldy, they are way to expensive to be throwing out.

I am trying to follow the guide lines that I read about, this is what my diet is like:

2-3 glasses of water in morning

1-2 pieces of fruit, apple, banana, or orange, or a green smoothie

a few dates if I get hungry

soup or large salad for lunch, romain, spinach, swiss chard, cucumber, tomato, 1/4 avacodo, peppers, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, black olives, and feta.

dates and some nuts for snack

lg salad or soup for dinner ( whatever I didn't have for lunch) or a green smoothie

banana for snack

Sometimes I am sooo hungry before bed, I will have a glass of nut milk or soy milk.

I also drink tons of water all day.

I havent had any real bad detoxing symtoms yet, some headaches, dizzy(not bad) feeling weak, one pimple ;-).

So I want to make sure I am doing this right so I can stick with it, so If you see anything I am doing wrong, please let me know!


  • Just some thoughts to consider. Use them if they sound helpful to you, otherwise ignore:-)

    If your going to do a fruit breakfast- definately eat a lot more fruit than one or two pieces if you can. You probably aren't getting enough calories to start the day off. That may help your hunger issue.

    Some times I want fruit, but not as much. So, I add a few nuts to my fruit salad. For some people this is a bad combo, for me it works. (I tend to do well digestively by NOT following some common food combing wisdom?) I'm vegetarian (not vegan) so sometimes I have yogurt with my fruit salad. But, I believe you can make a "yogurt" out of coconut milk? If so, you may want to try that.

    It seems like you are getting some added fat (hemp and sunflower seeds) so probably adding more won't help (very low fat makes me want to binge however much fruit I eat).

    You can always add some healthy cooked food such as sweet potatoes, quinoa or rice or steamed veggies to up your calories IF you are not worried about being 100% raw. I would suggest that over binging on junk.

  • Thank you sisterbecky

    I was just reading some posts and figured I wasn't eating enough fruit in the morning. I am trying to go 100% raw so I am trying not to add any cooked foods to my diet, but I do have some quinoa, so if I need to I will eat some.

  • well thanks for that info sisterbecky! These are great tips :)

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