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Banana Island.

Has anybody done this and if so how did you feel? How did you cope with cravings for other food and did you get any weight loss? Just been reading about it and I am curious now. It sounds okay but surely eliminating all the other nutrients isn't very good for you?



  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I've only done banana island when I have been very sick to my stomach or had extreme nausea. It was all I craved and it went down well. My body was calling for it. However long term my body does better with some greens. I think even fruitarians would not do banana island for too long because variety is good.

  • Yeah, I thought it was a bit extreme, I had only found out about it yesterday so I was curious to find out how people had felt. Thanks for your comment, bitt :)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Banana Island is awesome for getting back on track with raw. The key is to eat as many bananas as you can and drink lots and lots of water. Whenever you have any sort of craving for cooked food, go eat bananas. This is not something that's recommended long-term but as a way to get back on track. Most people do it for about a week or so and then start adding in other fruits and greens.

    So before you start, it's important to have some inkling of how many calories you will need so you will have enough ripe bananas on hand at all times. If you're unsure, 30 medium bananas will probably cover you.




  • I love the site 30 Bananas a Day! Most of the other sites, including this one, adovocates eating a lot of fat from, nuts, seeds, avocados & oil. Most of the recipes here call for at least one or 2 of them. I was getting bloated and gassy from eating all the fat. At 30 Bananas a Day, I was told to try to eat more fruit, and eat less fat, and eat my greens at the end of the day, after my fruit because if you eat greens and then eat fruit, the fruit will cause fermentaion. I am trying this today, so far so good. Before, I would have green smoothie in the morning, and end up with a tummy ache! I did not get one today! I am thinking of trying Banana Island to help me transition from eating a high fat diet (not knowingly). I don't have enough bananas right now, but I am thinking, next week, when I go shopping I will be buying banana's by the case! ;-)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Sounds like a great plan, crazydoglady. :P

    Oh, and another great way to transition to simpler foods is to fast for a day or two (drink nothing but water). You'll be amazed how much your taste buds change in such a short time and how much you really enjoy simple sweet fruit.



  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I don't think it's extreme at all. I think "extreme" is ordering ten "raw" (not really and certainly not fresh) items online so you can make a raw recipe which gives you a stomachache.

  • When eating raw I don't usually make very fussy recipes or order anything online. The banana island sounds good- but I guess you can just get the same results from a water fast.

    Thanks guys :)

  • thanks swazye

    But I really don't know if I could do a fast. When I get hungry I get really irritable and dizzy, so I am scared to try one just yet. Maybe a green juice fast, but not water!

  • crazydoglady: FWIW, I resisted trying a fast for a long, long time. No way I could do it with my schedule, I thought. I kept hearing positive stories, though, and I eventually had to try it. What an amazing experience! I have done longer juice fasts (Master Cleanse), but when I go water-only it's only for about 36 hours total. I go from Friday after dinner, through Saturday, until Sunday morning. I almost always pick those days because I don't have to be out running around on Saturday, I can chill out at home with the kids and not over-exert myself.

    Anyways, the main reason I wanted to post to you is that you said get irritable and dizzy when you're hungry. Part of that could be blood sugar "issues" and just wanted to point out that fasting often corrects that problem! When you give the digestive system a rest and the body uses that energy to get other work done that it doesn't normally have a chance to. Part of that is kind of like hitting the re-set button on your metabolism, and can resolve insulin sensitivity problems. HTH and convinces you! ;)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    "When I get hungry I get really irritable and dizzy, so I am scared to try one just yet."

    No biggie, I can totally relate. I always got terrible headaches, stomach cramps, etc. if I waited too long between meals. This is not longer an issue, though. I don't feel pain at all when I'm hungry, even though sometimes I go 6+ hours between meals.



  • I'm currently on Banana Island so to speak. I had already started 80-10-10 prior to feasting upon bananas, but I decided to do this mainly to give my cravings a good swift kick to the curb and to level out my eating out of boredom and such.

    I was planning on doing it a full week but I found some really tasty looking watermelons on sale at the store today so I'm gonna plunge into a watermelon this weekend :)

  • I cant seem to get past 3 bananas when my system seems to say enough already.... Anyone else have this issue? I would love to do banana island.

    I also need to stay low fat as I seem to have trouble with nuts and get the same enough already for more than a few bites of avocado.... Also nuts (esp peanuts & cashews) irritate my fibromyalgia... hurts next day... I do ok on seeds and almonds if not too many... I do best on fruits and greens so am a natural for 811... havent quite kicked the sweet tooth even eating fruits....

  • Id like tot ry banana island for one week. \but would you gain weight by eating 30 bananas a day? Its high glycemic.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i've bought a ton of bananas with the intention of doing it but just never have. i need my pineapple-orange-banana smoothie every day or i go nuts.

  • kniteangel-

    I can't get past 3 bananas, at a time, either. but you don't have to eat so many all at once, just spread it out throughout the day :)

  • thanks tweedle. good idea... have no idea why i didnt think like that... duh moment... lol..

  • haha well it seems there's a lot of people around here and other raw boards that go for 7-20 bananas at a time... now, I don't know how long it takes them to eat this, but when they say lunch was 15 bananas, I just can't wrap my head around it. in order to eat that much I have to take breaks and come back to it.

    you could also try mono-eating different fruits that aren't so "thick" to get used to eating large quantities of mono-fruit--- I found that I could easily devour lots of watermelon at a time. I can down a quarter of a watermelon in one sitting as opposed to my measly 3 bananas. and I'd say 3 is pushing it... after 2 I feel pretty full!

    Watermelon is SUPER healthy for you too, if you look up on fitday.com what a whole watermelon contains for your daily vitamins and minerals, you get almost everything in one fruit!

    It's too bad that I feel a bit "watermeloned-out" after the huge one I finished off yesterday, haha.


    Tweedle, I totally eat mono meals of melons, they are awesome! It's my favorite fruit to eat as a meal. It's light, juicy, sweet and filling and at once :) You can't go wrong with melons! Try eating a variety of melons rather than just watermelon. At least it gives you a bit of variety and you won't get as bored.

  • can eating 20 bananas a ta time or any fruit in large quantaties cause stomach rupture? I can eat fruit, but never 10 at a time, i can eat 2 fruits every hour.

  • I always get blaoted when eating fruit or veggie. Why? Is it because i eat to much in one shot. This is what i would eat for breakfast, 2 containers of raspberries, 2 pears, 1 apple.

    .An hour later another 2 pears 1 apple. Sometimes im scared that my stomach will explode. LOL

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Might be the undigested buckwheat, nori, etc. that you're eating.

  • i wasnt eating buckwheat today, but just pears and apples and still got bloated.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Did you eat buckwheat or cauliflower or seaweed yesterday?

  • I had the cauliflower, with seaweed. :O

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I don't know for sure, but I would think if you cut out some things and ate ONLY and I mean ONLY sweet fruit and tender leafy greens for at least two weeks, you might see some improvement. Make sure your fruits are ripe and properly combined.

  • anyone have trouble eating bananas at night? they keep me awake like I had a cup of coffee....

  • the thing is when i eat fruit I like eating like 3 different fruits at a time, like 1 apple 1 pear and a banana together. is that a bad combination? sweet fruits you mean like bananas and kale for 2 weeks? can i still eat cauliflower tomatoe red bell pepper chives and parsley for the two weeks with just bananas as a fruit ? i hope this will inprove my digestion.

  • kniteangel I never eat bananas late at night like 9pm ,it might keep you up because of the energy and sugar in the banana or mabey of the potassium

  • swayze why you recommend not eating banana island long term?:O

  • I can eat a banana and go right to sleep. But, I would imagine it would be sugar that might keep you awake, as Sweet suggested.

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