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Don't Be Afraid Of The Sun

You may have heard on the TV news that sun exposure is extremely dangerous, it will give you cancer and that the only way to avoid it is to use very high sunscreen protection. You have been bombarded many times with this news by media and of course you believe it. My mum which is a rawist and she teached me since I was 15 unfortunately fall for it, and so almost everybody I know.

Millions of people worldwide accept as ultimate truth everything they read from magazines , watch on TV or hear on radio. If you are reading this message right now you need to know that media play a bigger role in your life and so in your health.

We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known. our thoughts and attitudes are continually being shaped and molded.

Since age 15 I never fall for any conventional wisdom and the results has been amazing, for over 20 years I never has any single flu, cold, cold sore, sore throat etc etc. My immune system is extremely strong cause I always abide by the laws of nature, refusing medicines, doctors and anything artificial and loaded with toxic chemicals. I’m 35 I live in UK and I never been registered with any GP, I just decided to take control of my own health!

Let me share with you 2 truth about sunscreen lotions and sun exposure:

1) Sunscreen lotions are packed with toxic chemicals. One study found that the main chemical used in sun lotions to filter out ultraviolet light may be toxic—and the chemical’s toxicity doubled when exposed to sunlight. Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC), which is present in 90 percent of sunscreen brands, was found to kill mouse cells even at low doses in a study by Norwegian scientists. When researchers shone a lamp for two hours to simulate midday sunshine, even more cells died.

2) Sun exposure is one of the most healthy and beneficial natural practices in the world. The Sun is the most efficient source of Vitamin D Vitamin D is essential to good health. Lack of vitamin D is associated with diseases like rickets, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia. Few foods have vitamin D. Attempts have been made to add vitamin D to milk but a US study showed that only 30% of samples tested contained sufficient vitamin D.

Vitamin D has a lifespan of only about one week.The use of a sunscreen of SPF 8 or more has been shown to inhibit vitamin D production.

- The lower light levels of the winter seasons have been shown to cause a psychological state known as S.A.D. Individuals with S.A.D. suffer from prolonged periods of something akin to depression. Symptoms can include poor appetite and significant weight loss, or the reverse; insomnia, or increased sleep; agitation, or retardation, of movement and thought; loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities or decrease in sexual drive; fatigue and loss of energy; feelings of worthlessness, self-reproach, or excessive or inappropriate guilt; diminished ability to concentrate, or indecisiveness; and in extreme cases, recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts. Normal indoor lighting does not help cure S.A.D. However, exposure to sunlight does.

Rosenthal N.E., Journal of the American Medical Association 1993, 270(22); pp.2717-2170

- Exposure to the sun has been shown to help people with sleep disorders.

Boulos Z., S.S.Campbell, A.J.Lewy, M.Terman, D.J.Disk, C.I.Eastman, Journal of Biological Rythms 1995, 10(2): pp.167-176 United States Congress, Office of Technology Assessment 1991; OTA-BA-463; pp.1-249

- Sun exposure has been shown to reduce P.M.S. in some women.

Parry B.L., S.L.Berga, N.Mostofi, P.A.Sependa, D.F.Kripke, J.C.Gillian, American Journal of Psychiatry 1989 146(9); pp.1215-1217

- Psoriasis is a common skin disease which causes bright red dry plaques of skin. It is usually chronic and difficult to treat. However, UV light (present in sunlight) can help reduce the appearance and discomfort of psoriasis.

Gonzales E., J.A.Parish “UV Phototherapy”, Renigk, H.H. Jr., Malbach H.I. eds. 1991; pp.519-532)

- People who live in areas of the world that get more sunlight have been shown to have a lower death rate from ovarian, breast and colon cancers. One researcher even suggested that recent increases in some cancers may be due, in part, to sunlight deprivation.

E.M.John, G.G.Schwartz and D.M.Dreon ””Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Risk” Northern California Cancer Center, ‘Era of Hope’ Conference, Oct.31-Nov.4, 1997 Garland F.C., E. Gorham “Biologic Effects of Light”, 1993, E.G.Jung and M.F.Hollick eds. Walter de Gruyter, New York 1994, pp.509-516 Garland F.C., “Geographic variation in breast cancer mortality in the United States”, Preventive Medicine, 1990; 19:614-622 Garland F.C., “Do sunlight and Vitamin D reduce the likelihood of colon cancer?”, International Journal of Epidemiology, 1980; 9:277-231 Garland F.C., “Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and colon cancer: 8-year prospective study”, Lancet, 1989; 2:1176-1178

- People with outdoor occupations have been shown to have lower incidence of melanoma. It was also observed that melanoma seldom occurs on areas of the skin that get regular sun exposure. However, it is important to note that this is true only of moderate sun exposure in those who are able to develop a tan.

D.Vagero et al. “Melanoma and other tumours of the skin among office, other indoor and outdoor workers in Sweeden” Br. J. Cancer 1986, 53:507-512 H.G. Ainsleigh “Beneficial Effects of Sun Exposure on Cancer Mortality” Preventive Medicine 1993, 22:132-140 F.C.Garland, M.R.White, C.F.Garland, E.Shaw and E.D.Gorham “Occupational Sunlight Exposure and Melanoma in the U.S. Navy” Archives of Environmental Health, 1990, Vol.45, No.5, pp.261-267 G.P.Studzinski and D.C.Moore “Sunlight; Can It Prevent as well as Cause Cancer?” Cancer Research 1995, 55:4014-4022

- Can you believe it? Some studies have shown that malignant melanoma is inhibited by vitamin D and sun exposure.

Eisman et al. “Suppression of in-vitro growth of human cancer solid tumours by 25-hydroxyvitamin D ” Cancer Research 1987, 47:21-25 F.C.Garland, M.R.White, C.F.Garland, E.Shaw and E.D.Gorham “Occupational Sunlight Exposure and Melanoma in the U.S. Navy” Archives of Environmental Health, 1990, Vol.45, No.5, pp.261-267 G.P.Studzinski and D.C.Moore “Sunlight; Can It Prevent as well as Cause Cancer?” Cancer Research 1995, 55:4014-4022

You might wonder why all this information isn’t more widely available. All we hear about are the dangers of skin cancer. The reality is that the sun has no lobby group. There is no profit from the sun and as such, no funds or groups to promote it. (There is one exception in the small indoor-tanning industry.)

Promoting the dangers of skin cancer is a very profitable strategy for the sun-block industry. It is estimated to be a five billion dollar industry.

evidence that the sun may not be as bad as suggested continues to show up. Not long ago, the British Medical Journal, a publication which is very well respected around the world, published an article which suggested that moderate exposure to the sun may be beneficial. A recent study by Dr. Micheal Holick from the Boston University School of Medicine concludes that the vitamin D generated by moderate sunshine exposure helps to ward off several debilitating and sometimes deadly diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and colon, prostate and breast cancer.

Certainly, the sun can have negative effects. Anything can when abused. Excessive exposure and sunburn can cause health problems and great discomfort.

My personal approach to sun exposure has been very simple over the years, I never ever used sunscreen lotions in my life and I never been scared of sun exposure, I’m 35 and people I meet often think I’m 25. I find sun extremely beneficial to clear up my skin, I sunbathe every day when I can for at least 1 hour, my favourite time is in the morning from 10am to 11am, I find the sun very beneficial in clearing up my skin, to heal cuts and bruises. I find the sun very important to strenght my bones, I never broke any single bone in my body during my life and I played lots of soccer and did many dangerous sports over the years. My bones are so strong that during a soccer match many player getting into a contrast with me and in touch with my leg’s bones they often end up on lying on the ground in excruciating pain, It can be quite embarassing sometime :-)

I hope this message will be beneficial for many people, please don’t hesitate to contat me if I can be of any help




  • Very interesting and well-researched write-up. Thanks for posting the information!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I agree!!! I loooooooove the sun and try to sunbathe regularly. I always feel great when I do :-)

    Just wish I lived somewhere where it was sunny year round!

  • Unfortunately I live in London not the most sunniest place on earth, but being Italian I can take some nice breaks. If I’m exposed to very strong sunshine I just use pure aloe gel and it works perfectly for me. I also do sungaze 30 seconds every day, in early morning before my jogging session, It gives me amazing energy and strenght.

  • Couldn’t agree more with the info you gave.

    Brfore I was raw I went through a period in my life where I had no sun exposure for an incredibly long time and of course my health is suffering badly coz of that.

    Living in London as well it is a shame that this past weekend is the first time we have seen good sun all year!!


  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    I’m in agreement & thank you for the information!

  • What I find extremely difficult to explain to people that if you have enough antioxidants in your body the skin will become even more resistant to sun exposure, this is a theory that also David Wolfe explain in his books.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I believe that to be true. I have a pretty fair complexion and used to burn super easy, but since I’ve been raw I noticed a huge difference in how much sun my skin can tolerate! It’s like a natural sunscreen I guess you could say! But yes, I totally agree, unless someone experiences this on their own, there’s no way they’re gonna believe it.

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    dancharming – since you’ve been raw for so long, can you tell us (me) what you eat in a typical day to make sure that you balance protein, calcium, etc. What does your typical daily menu consist of?

    What is sungazing?

    Also, I have a 3 yr old son and would like to help him transition. what types of foods did you start out with at 15 that helped? How did you handle such things as friend’s birthday parties, family dinners, etc.?


  • Dear newbie

    I’ll try to reply to all your questions.

    I’m not particularly obsessed if one day I don’t get the right amount of nutrients, I know of many people who are too concern and they end up to be too stressed and not achieving optimal results. I believe everything you doing you should use your common sense. If you lucky enough to live in the Hunza tribe or in the amazonian forest you will not have any problem whatsoever to have a strict 100% raw diet combined with pure water, pure air etc which also are essential in preserving optimal health, but living in a big town the story is different, it is not just the food you eat but a complete lifestyle that’s is combined with it. Let me give you an example, what I find extremely beneficial for me and what I strongly believe it allowed me to never get a flu,cold or any other major deasese for over 20 years is my lifestyle:

    1) I Never took drugs in my life, not even tried once

    2) I Never got drunk in my life, I hate taste of alchool

    3) I Never Smoke in my life

    4) I never drink cofee, tea or hot drinks ( I believe hot drinks are very bad for your health and immune system as I believe that they destroy beneficial flora in your stomach

    5) I Never been jealous of other people success, why wasting your positive energies being jealous instead of trying to learn how this people make it? remember in life no matter how succesful, how beautiful, how ealthy you are there is always somebody who is more everything than you!

    6) I never gossiping

    7) I never lose my temper

    8) I Never hate people, I find that even the more difficult people if you know how to deal with them, if you know how to make them feel good about themself they will actually be very nice with you.

    9) I never used antibiotics in my life and so aspirines and other toxic medicines. I’m totally against them, many people often criticized me about this, expecially those who had a friend or family member died from cancer or other serious deaseses, I tell you that if I will ever develop cancer in my life I will never use medicines and do chemiotherapies, I will try to cure my body with the force of nature, if everything fails I will die happy without giving a cent to pharmaceutical industries.

    10) I love animal, I always had animals in my life, dogs, cats, ducks, chicken, rabbits, horses etc etc, I love them and I believe everybody should own an animal, they bring lots of positivity in your life

    11) I love contact with nature, easy to say but majority of people I see here in London they completely lost the touch with nature, they prefere standing in a street outside a pub drinking beer from 6pm till 10pm after office rather then going for a nice relaxing walk in the park

    12) I do lots of meditation when I have time , I know over 100 different type of meditation, if you need advise please ask

    13) I walk every early morning around 7am with my bare feet on the grass, getting all the therapeutical benefits of Dew.

    14) I sungaze every morning for 30 seconds, click here for more infos: http://www.solarhealing.com/sungazing.htm

    15) after walking on dew, sungazing I start running for 30-40 minutes every day, I never go over 40 minutes even if I have enough stamina to run for over 1 hour. My number 1 rule is never over stress your body, did you ever notice how many people running in the most hottest time of the day, completely exausted with their tongue sticking out, thats in my opinion is worst than staying home all day sitting on your couch doing nothing.

    16) I always listen relaxing angelic music when I’m home my favourite music is by Erik Berglund, really stunning music! http://www.erikberglund.com/

    17) I always had a positive outlook for life even during difficult times. I have been broken, I have been wealthy, I have been broken again, I lost everything with stockmarket, I went into

  • Dancharming10, great post!

    Maybe you could start a thread about meditation. I am sure there are some (I haven’t checked) but, maybe you can share some of your knowledge here??

    (In London, where do you get your Kale???)

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    I can advocate this from personal experience! I found out about this a while ago on another thread, and since then have stopped using sunscreen. I go in the sun for hours several days a week, and i live in sunny california. The first time I went without sunscreen I burned, but it was only once, and then never again after that. And Coconut Oil worked like magic on the burn too just have to mention. Sunscreen is truly an unnecessary and harmful thing! Your body can protect itself, and you really do it a favor by giving it some sun. Everything is so backwards in western society.

    I have to wonder, is it the many years of sunscreen use then that makes those spots on the skin of older people who have gone in the sun a lot?

  • Hi Genevieve

    Lucky you to live in sunny california, the weather here in UK is really horrible, this july we just saw 1 day of sun, crazy. Yes I definetly believe sunscreens are responsable of skin’s spots on older people, they are one of the biggest scams in our society, I recommend anybody to stay away from them for optimal health.

  • I actually believe sun screen causes cancer. Your best bet is to be lightly clothed and stay in the shade if the sun is too strong. I’ve lived in Australia for a year and I never used any sun screen whatsoever.

  • Hi Marienord

    I perfectly agree with you, one should use his/her common sense try not to expose when sun is too strong, sometime I just use pure aloe gel but most of the time nothing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at dancharming10@aol.com if you need any help during your raw jurney.

  • Kundalalita, I use coconut oil as well in the sun. Works like a charm!

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    little mango and kundalalita – do you use coconut oil before you go out in the sun? Or after the sun exposure? I have been using coconut oil every day but I am afraid my skin will age faster than it should. I am not using sunscreen at the moment, but I was thinking of buying mineral makeup to protect my face. What do you guys think?

  • Thanks dancharming :) I’ll keep that in mind!

    I’ve been lying out in the sun for the past 3 days now between 4 and 7 pm and it’s been really nice :) No sunscreen and no sunburn or anything else either actually, still as pale as ever :)

  • I agree with you little mango, it is one week now that I put coconut oil before sunbathing and I must say it seems pretty amazing, the skin feel so smooth and hydrated, and I love the smell

  • Hi Marie

    4pm to 7pm is good time I also like in the morning between 8 am-11 am, try to wake up early in the morning around 6-7am and walk on dew in a nice field, the feeling is really amazing and will give you enough energy for the rest of the day, I believe at down the sun has more powerful energy for the simple fact that is building up the strenght in order to reach his peak.

  • Hi Odalys.

    I use Coconut oil all the time before and after being out in the sun, after I was my hands from uncooking, after showering.

    How do you mean you are worried about aging faster? Do you mean because of the oil?

    I also use Shea butter in its purest form. I only use it when I know I will be exposed to strong rays in the middle of the day.

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    little mango – well, aging is sped up by exposure to the sun. Coconut oil doesn’t offer protection against the sun, (although I believe it prevents sunburn), so wouldn’t we age faster?

    This may not be a problem for most people in Europe, but I’m in florida, and the sun is pretty intense here. I really love coconut oil, just want to be sure I won’t wake up with wrinkles anytime soon.

  • What majority of people don’t know is the fact that aging is a state of mind, people who are too worried about aging and wrinkles are the ones who normally aging fast. Our society, years of media listening, teached us that the sun is bad, the sun will make you age faster, and will give you wrinkles, what aging people fast it is not sun but many other things such as stress, promiscuos sex, feelings of hate, anger, jealousy, toxic chemicals in your toothpaste, sunscreen, tap water, shampoo, bath and shower gel, hair spray, etc etc, including smog and pollution, and many other things.

    I’m sure you may have seen around many middle age people with very tanned skin and with deep wrinkles, if you are lucky enough to study and investigate their lifetime you will understand that it is not the sun the cause of their wrinkles but things such as heavy smoking, drinking, etc. I never used any type of sunscreen protection in my life, I got my sun burn when I was a kid, I used to become very dark, I’m now 35 and many people I meet think I’m 25. I never tought of following my lifestyle for the sake of my skin and to prevent ageing, I follow it in order to maintain my internal organs and my mind in optimal health. I know many people that are too concern about wrinkles, skin and physical appearence, they buying lots of different syntetic supplements, lots of skin care products every week, but the more products they buy the more faster their skin age, they don’t care about preserving their body organs at their best, their main concern is just the skin, this people not only they damage their skin but also their internal organs.

    If anyone in this forum is a rawist or vegetarian just to avoid wrinkles, have perfect skin and look younger is on the wrong path, and should review their phylosophy. Optimal health and perfect skin comes from whithin yourself, from many years of natural lifestyle combined to natural food, despise everything that is not natural and never be scared of nature. If you are able to pick up the strong energy from nature you don’t have to worry about sun damages as your body is automatically protected.

  • thank you for sharing your lifestyle and experience!!!!

  • Thank you hungrygirl

    I’m here to share my personal experience with everybody in order to give them the right motivation and hopefully help them in reaching optimal health

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    dancharming – I am very curious as to some of the claims you make.

    To clarify, I do believe we should live as simply and as close to nature as possible, as you have mentioned. I personally do not use shampoos, lotions etc, because I understand that they are packed with chemicals that are absorbed into our bloodstream and cause health problems. I also do not eat raw food simply to have great skin, but I do believe if is a reflection of inner health. Thus, a person who eats poorly and does not take care of themselves (smoking, drinking, pollution) will show outwardly signs.

    I was simply concerned with the sun speeding up the process of aging. I know that in my country, the poorest people (who have to catch their own fish, grow their own food) look 10+ years older than they really are because of their excessive sun exposure. These are latin american people with a higher tolerance to the sun (in comparison to caucasians).

    Also, you say that promiscuous sex speeds up aging, can you expand on that? I’ve never heard such a thing. Intercourse is suppose to be good for the body (endocrines release “feel-good” horomones, etc). Whether or not it is promiscuous or practiced in a monogamous relationship, I think it would be irrelevant in a phisiological sense.

  • Hi Odalys

    If you look at the people you mentioned “the poorest people” with sun damaged skin they all have a diet rich in animal products, milk, eggs, fish, meat and lots of sugars and junk food, to not get damages from sun you need high level of antioxidants in your blood, if you don’t have them is more likely the sun will create damages, something I noticed on myself and many other people is the fact that as soon as you top up your body with antioxidants you become more resistant to free radicals and oxidation.

    Sex can be positive and can give powerful positive effects on your body if done in moderation and with a feeling of love towards a person, however too much sex in itself will create imbalance in your kidneys,Sex can also be negative and have serious consequences on your health if abused and done in a promiscous way with different people on a regular basis just for the sake of lust with not strings attached. I’m in the process to write a book where I will highlight some of this interesting facts I discovered during a 5 years survey I have done on over 300 promiscuos men and women (included women and men escorts) which clearly confirmed my theory

  • NuttgirlNuttgirl Raw Newbie

    Many things can cause premature aging/wrinkles…poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, over exposure of sun, etc.. While small amounts of sun exposure help with the absorption of certain vitamins, excessive sunbathing and such does cause premature aging and can lead to skin cancer. I have personally known too many friends that have had cancerous carcinomas removed because of too much exposure to the sun. I have 1 friend in particular who is also a raw vegan and exercises daily but was a dedicated sun worshipper in the summer until she went to the doctor because of a mole on her face. Long story short….had a biopsy and it was cancerous.

    I personally would never made any unsubstantiated claims regarding diet and the sun but that is just me. Just because one eats raw and lives a pretty healthy lifestyle…be it emotionally, nutritionally, and physically it doesn’t mean one is immune from disease.

  • everything must be done in moderation and so sun exposure, I sunbathe only 1 hour in the early morning when the sun is not strong. One important thing to consider is the fact to not assume one person is healthy just because is a rawist or vegetarian or doing lots of exercises, many raw vegan don’t have a clue they just following something they read on book or heard on tv, many of them dont have knowledge of the nutrients present in fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods, they don’t know how to eat them and how to mix them, also don’t assume people who exercise a lot are healthy, I see many people running at 1pm under the strong sun, breathing heavy with their tongue sticking out of their mouth, this is actually worst than spend your day home like a couch potatoe. Moderation is the key, learn to listen to your body, never force it and never be to hard with it.

  • The only thing you missed here is that people who consume large amounts of toxins (tobacco, alcohol, over cooked foods, cacao and all caffeine foods, etc.) are more likely to get skin cancer from exposure to the sun because the body uses the skin as one of it’s favored means of toxin removal. This means that these toxins are often at the surface of the skin and with the added solar exposure these toxins become more carcinogenic and can cause skin cancer. The people who consume toxins need to stay out of the sun until they are clean and toxin free. Also too much sun will still damage our skin if you have light skin and spend too much time in the sun when it is at it’s strongest. It’s best to get sun at the early morning or late afternoon.

  • Well said Socal, that’s why I never stress enough to say that lifestyle play a big role in obtaining optimal health. I know of many people which think to be healthy just because they eat fruit and veg, it doesn’t work exactly like this.

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