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Anyone Get the Nut Milk Maker???

Hi again- I am wondering if any of the folks who participated in the prior thread around nut milk makers- have now gotten one and can report back—??? I am still waiting to hear from others. It seems that the Soyapower is the best choice as it seems that it is possible to make a richer milk (water-nut ratio is low for the others,, though some have suggested running nuts through a second time).

My specific questions if anyone has used the Soyapower are: Is it possible to make a rich enough milk (I currently use 2 cups nuts to 5 cups water, when using my blender), and is the milk well strained when it comes out (I don’t want to have to strain again as that is my purpose in wanting to use one of these machines to avoid that time and effort).

Any feedback would be appreciated! :)


  • I’m sorry, but why would you waste your money on a nut milk maker when all you have to do is soak, blend, and strain?

  • I’ve been making nutmilks for several months using almonds, cashews, or walnuts. There is a book called Not Milk, Nut Milks with lots of good recipies. I’ve never tried the soak, blend, strain method, but it sounds easy enough. I grind 1/3 cup nuts into a flour first in an electric coffee grinder, put in blender with a little sweetner and 4 cups warm water (just prior to boiling… is that OK for raw standards?), blend and strain. It comes out very well.

  • Depending on what type of nuts and seeds you are using you do not even have not strain.

  • flinzz78- my life is very busy and i find that making nut milks is messy, and time consuming (also- a bit hard on my hands which i need to save for work- massage!). also—i have had 2 nut milk bags rip on me. the machine is only just over $100, the nutmilk bags are nearly $10. doesn’t seem like a lof of $ to me, if i could just soak and pour and have the milk ready within minutes.

    i know it can be done without straining- i used to do that. but i find i have gotten used to the strained consistency.


  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    anjpanda, water that is close to boiling is going to unfortunately be too hot and can destroy the enzymes in your nuts/seeds. Did you know that you do not need hot water, you can blend with cold or room temp water too, no need for hot water especially if you want it to remain “living”? I’d keep water temps under 110

  • Hey all I prefer banana milk over nut milk.,, no prep…no fat…no squeezing…no draining…

    I posted a recipe on it called Nana Milk…

    I am interested to see what the nut milk maker does though….

  • rawmama- which nutmilk maker did you use? i don’t know what yaoh is-? couldn’t you mix the flavors and sweetener in afterwards? that is what i was thinking. let me know what machine you used and if you can answer the questions that i posted above regarding the quality of the milk from the machine. thanks!

  • Flinzz,

    I am going to buy a nut milk maker because it takes too long the other way. I’ve found that by the time I juice, chop up my veggies, wash my fruit, and pack my lunch it is taking me too long to get out of the house every morning. I am very busy career wise and I’ve found that I have quit making my beloved nut milk because of the time constraint. If a nut milk maker will make it go faster then I think I will start making it again. I don’t mind spending the money for it if I will find the motivation again. I thought Stillfire bought the soyquick and I was going to buy that today. I thought I would get on here again and see if there are any updates to it.

  • showme- i haven’t bought the machine yet- but if you look back on my prior posts- from my research it seems that the soyapower is best. also- it has a 30 day $ back guarantee (just have to cover shipping for return). it appears that this machine can accomodate more nuts for a richer milk. others have said that with the soyquick (which is apparently identical to the soyajoy) it works to put a second batch of nuts through for a richer milk. make sure the soyquick has a $ back guarantee, because if not, then i would go with the (identical) soyajoy, which does.

    i will probably order it soon. was hoping someone else could report back about it by now…but perhaps i will have to be the one to test it out. :)

  • I had a soymilk maker and I gave it away because it ’s a waste of money and time to use it. First of all, it was for soy mike, so the darn thing would boil the milk in it, even if you drink soy milk, it takes so long to make it and the pulp gets into the milk, I still had to strain it.

    Like Flinzz78, I do soak, blend and strain, I usually drink the pulp of almond, sesame and sunflower seeds, too. Why waste time and pulp?

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    stillfire… My nutmilk/seedmilk maker is by a company called YAOH hemp seed maker. I will try mixing everything in next time, will let you know how it goes. By the way, there is no residue taste/fuzzy tasting texture with seeds, just a little fuzzy residue taste with nuts…maybe they are too solid? And I do soak them overnight first, but still have to strain nuts thru a nut milk bag if you want silky smooth milk…will let you know :) So, I guess to answer your questions… For nuts, you would more than likely need to strain again. For seeds, you would not have to strain again. And the YAOH brand hemp seed maker uses about 1/4 cup nuts or seeds per 4 cups of water. I was the one that said in the last batch of messages that I then refill the cup again with another bunch of nuts or seeds and run the machine again so that the new batch of nuts or seeds is added to the milk from the first batch. By the way, it only takes 1 minute to make the milk, it is quite fast. I definitely am going to try the banana milk :) Maybe my daughter would like that better :) Besides, we use lots of nuts and seeds in other dishes, so it might be a nice break, although I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chai drink from this website made with nut milk!

  • hungry girl- some of the soy milk makers can be used without the heating function. for sure the soyquick, soyajoy (identical to soyquick), soyapower and soyabella can all do nut milk w/out heating.

    rawmama- thanks for the feedback on that maker.

    i think i am going to just go ahead and try the soyapower. if i don’t like it i can send it back and only spend $8 or so on the shipping. worth it to see first hand if it is valuable to me or not. i will definitely report back when i use it! :)

  • Ok, I think I will buy the Soyapower too. If you want to wait I will order it tomorrow and see how it goes.

  • showme- make sure you but it from the manufacturer if you want the $ back guarantee. everyone else charges a restocking fee, so even though the manufacturer is around $10-$15 more, it is worth it if you think there is any chance that you will want to return it if it doesn’t do what you would like it to do.

  • Ok, I ordered the Soyapower, finally! The minute that I get it (these things are a little slow when they ship) I will make almond milk and report back to you!

  • great! i am waiting on the edge of my seat! :)

  • Still haven’t gotten it yet, but I’m waiting!

  • Ok, I got my Soyapower and I just made nut milk, simple enough, except it appears to heat it up and there is no way to stop it from doing that. That would mean that it is not raw if it’s “cooking” the milk. Wasn’t this one supposed to have the raw option?

  • YES- it was supposed to be able to function without heat. I am going to call the manufacturer-and I would suggest that you do the same. That is a DRAG! If I were you—I would try to get them to refund and pay for your return shipping as it was supposed to be able to do this.

  • Hi,I got my Soyquick nut milk maker and it has an option to heat or not.We made an amazing almond milk without heating and that was the fasttest way ever.I think it is very economic because for 1 C of almond comes a lot of milk. I just love it.And also,we made soy and rice milk. Yumm!

  • Lucy- it seems that only 1 cup of nuts would not yield a very rich milk (more water, less nuts/nutrients)- didn’t you find it to be watery? Can you try to put another cup of nuts through a second time? I think others have said that would work. Also- do you find it to be well strained? How does it compare to straining through a nylon nut milk bag (if you have used that)? Thanks.

  • Showme- I just talked to the Soyapower people and they told me that it is in the manual on page 5. You have to press the motor button 3X, then press start. Let us know if it works.

  • Thanks, I will try it because right now I’m not too happy!

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