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New to Raw, What to eat?

Hello all

I am new to Raw living [actually havent started yet]. I am just totally unsure of what to eat for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snack in order to get sufficant nutrients/protien/calories. Can anyone give me a sample menu of what they eat daily with things I can find in a regular grocery store. Thank you so much for all help in advance.


  • Here is how I start my day.

    I have a 'Magic Bullet' drink /grinder maker.

    In the tall cup I place: 1 banana, 1 Tbls.organic peanut butter, 1 egg, 1 tsp. raw honey, 1 Tbls. hemp protein powder, 1 Tbls. organic cacao, 1 cup soy milk ( you can use any milk) and 7 small baby spinach leaves.

    Whip it up good and you got a very good protein morning start .

    You won't taste the spinach because the peanut butter and honey steal all the taste.

    Hope this helps,


  • maggiesbiz you eat raw egg?

  • For breakfast I would eat four pears, then another 2 hours I eat 3 apples, then for lunch I would have 4 bananas. then for a snack in mid afternoon, I would have mabey some more apples or pears. then at dinner at 5;30 or 6pm I would have some mixed up cauliflower rice with tomatoe, red bell pepper etc. you can wrap the cauliflower rice in a nori wrap, and make sushi yumm!!! Then mabey around 8pm if im still hungry i would have an apple or pear.

  • All I can tell you is what I'm eating now, since it changes every so often...breakfast is always 5 good sized oranges...lunch = spinach smoothie (usually with either kale, summer squash, or parsley)...dinner = I usually have a lot of small dinners spread out until I get an hour or so before bed, but I usually eat some tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapple, apples, kiwifruit, grapes...etc, but this is all spread out across the course of the evening since I teach until 10pm every day.

    The key to eating raw foods is just to eat when you're hungry, and eat until you don't want anymore. And keep bananas on hand since they're super easy and filling...that's my bit of advice:)

  • I am just getting started on my 30-day 100% raw commitment. What you eat is going to depend on what equipment you have, or can borrow. As far as nutrients go, raw fruits and veggies can supply you with most everything you need without too much hassle. Search the recipes on this site, but also do a general search for raw food recipes on any major search engine. Many of my favorites come from Alissa Cohen and Karen Knowler. Here is what my current 3-day menu looks like.


    breakfast-smoothie of bananas, spinach, apple, frozen cherries, and almond butter

    lunch-unlimited fresh fruit

    snacks-pecans, date bar

    supper-salad, nuts, seeds, fruit


    breakfast-almond-banana milk, fruit, nuts

    lunch-grecian salad


    supper-fettuccini alfreda


    breakfast-apple flax crackers with almond butter and agave nectar, fruit

    lunch-asian portabello steaks, kale-avocado salad

    snacks-frosted almond butter cookies

    supper-italian pizza

    nutrient ideas...

    proteins-nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, sea vegetables, raisins, prunes, peaches, sprouted grains, etc

    calcium-flax seeds, sesame seeds, kale, garlic, collard greens, parsley, dried fruits, sprouted grains, sea vegetables

    iron-dried fruits, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, green bell peppers, nuts, lemons, limes, seeds

    b12-big debate on whether we can get enough b12 from fruit and veggies that our body can actually use, sea veggies, blue-green algae, fermented foods, or supplement with nutritional yeast or high quality supplements

  • Thank you all so much for your wonderful ideas! I will give some of these a try.

  • Is nori seaweed a good source of vitamine b12, I dont use supplements.

  • From what I understand, yes, nori would be a sufficient source of b12. The debate basically is this....

    There is a lot of b12 in a vegan diet, but our bodies have a difficult time assimilating b12 from non-animal sources.

    However, we don't need large amounts of b12, and we're able to store it for a long period of time.

    Similar to the soy and agave debates, I don't think that we'll ever have a definative answer that everyone agrees on. It just has to be a matter of personal perspective.

    Personally, I like nutritional yeast for the flavor, and if I get a b12 boost in the process, great.

  • Something really easy to eat/drink anytime during the day is a handful of spincah and a bowl of cut up(or frozen) mangos, throw it in a blended with a little pure water and enjoy. very, very yummy. I use carrot juice instead of the water for that added goodness, I'm sure you can use whatever you like. just have fun with it. :) your body will thank you :)

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