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I’ve been wondering for a while about lubrication (I hope this question doesn’t bother anyone). Anyway, I am not comfortable using any comercial ones as well as the “natural” ones, and since I don’t know whats on the lubricated condoms, I would rather use a lubrication that I feel comfortable with. I was curious if coconut oil is okay to use, and or would anyone be willing to share what they use if needed? I know this is a personal question, so no pressure to answer. I was just curious about the coconut oil.


  • My bf and I use coconut oil – We have to stop more often and “replenish” than using the commerical stuff but yes, I hate the commerical ones too – they smell weird. bleech!

  • Coconut oil works wonders! :)

  • You can also use pure olive oil.. I’ve never needed to use lubrication myself but as a midwife I use it alot for the women I work for. It is very beneficial (It’s also a perscribed medicine in Islamic culture) it doesn’t get sticky and I find that I don’t have to replenish it so much and I’ve never had a problem from any of the women I’ve used it with. It’s also maybe cheaper and easier to get than coconut oil?? I personally like the smell but I guess that may not be for everyone.. There is also a oil here made from the kernels of apricots.. it smells really good but I haven’t tried it yet. Hope this helps.. thanks for asking! K-Mom

  • Thank you so much. I knew it would be fine, but I’m a worrier and needed conformation. You all really helped.

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    Maca powder can be taken internally to increase the woman’s production of natural lubrication, also.

  • Be careful what you use with latex condoms! Certain oils can breakdown the latex in condoms, causing them to be less effective. There are polyurethane (plastic) condoms that can be used with oil based lubrucants but they come pre-lubricated with typical commercial lubes and are more expensive. There are also lambskin condoms (most expensive) which can also be used with oils but being most on this site are vegan that wouldn’t really be an option because it is made out of the intestinal skin of lambs.

    A problem with oils like coconut and olive is they will stain your sheets. Even when I spill olive oil on my clothing while making a salad or something I have a hard time getting it out of my clothing even after machine washing it.

    Try using Aloe Vera instead, it is also safe to use with latex condoms.

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