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raw buckwheat

Hi im soaking buckwheat for 1 hour is it ok to eat it unsprouted, just soaked for 1 hour. Im really hungry and didnt buy any other fruit ,I bought yellow apples but im not craving them at all. I had grapes but they are all finished and they didnt have anymore organic at the store. So Is it safe to eat it raw ,soaked 1 hour?


  • Anyone?

  • Sorry I don't know- never had it. Try typing in raw buckwheat and see what comes up- good luck!

  • I love raw buckwheat but I do soak it overnight and usually sprout it before eating it

    then I make a "porridge" with it adding some fruits in the food processor

    I would imagine it would be a bit hard after an hour 's soaking

  • I guess the mono meals didn't work out?

  • yea ive been eating only grapes, but do you actually think it would be safe to eat only grapes everyday,for the rest of your life? wont I be missing nutrients?

  • I don't know, somehow people are "safe" eating eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast; caesar salad for lunch; and meatballs for dinner.

    I wouldn't recommend monomealing the grapes for the rest of your life - but I thought you were trying to improve your digestion and such? I don't see how raw buckwheat would help that. Use common sense - is something you have to harvest, dry, soak, rinse optimal?

  • If nothing else, please eat some leafy greens when your body is ready for it. :)

  • sweet you cannot get all the nutrients your body needs on grapes alone- where are you going to get all your vitamins and minerals from? I recommend eating a variety of foods- sprouted beans, fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds- if you are 100& raw- if you are not also include some cooked pulses/beans and steamed root vegetables.

  • My digestion improved . I dont get diahrea anymore or gas. the grapes did help. Now I just need to add in some veggies, but the raw cauliflour or broccoli was the problem that caused bad digestion. Would it be best to cook the cauliflour and broccoli? I find it easier to eat cooked veggies than raw, its easier on the stomach. Thanks for all the advice guys:)

  • would it be bad to eat cooked veggies with fruit, I would eat so much more veggies, if it would be ok to eat with raw fruit. I used to eat cooked spinach, broccoli, cauliflour,peas etc. If I eat only raw fruit with cooked veggies, would it be a good diet for a lifetime?

  • It'd probably be a good diet but maybe not "the best" for nutrient intake. It's up to you. Better to eat cooked greens than no greens, I think. :) Peas and cauliflower aren't leafy greens; peas aren't even a vegetable.

  • Is peas a legume? mabey then some broccoli:)

  • Yes, peas are a legume. Not that that makes them a worse thing than steamed broccoli. I was just sayin'. :)

  • :D The thing is Im so used to eating raw fruit, that I dont know if it would be good to add in a little cooked broccoli or something. I didnt have cooked veggies in awhile. These days ive been living off mostly grapes . I have to say that my energy improved eating tons of grapes. I eat about 8 pounds a day . with some sprouts.I had raw corn 3 days ago with tomatoe and parsley, it was yummy:) I dont know if eating cooked broccoli everyday with your fruit, will cause gas, and bloating. superfood2 do you ever eat cooked veggie or quinoa?

  • No, I don't, but I don't have the desire to do so like you do. I like to be grain/seed-free as well. I love raw leafy tender greens as well, which you do not. :/

    I would try eating your last grape meal maybe 3 hours before the broccoli?

  • :D Mabey that would be a good idea since veggies take longer to digest. Does cooked veggies digest faster than raw ? Im mostly a fruitarian . I love fruit. I can eat it all day , thats why I dont bother eating and veggies, which I know I should eat. I do eat like cucumber , tomatoe mushrooms, corn sometimes, mung bean sprouts , and buckwheat. I didnt cook any veggies yet, because im trying so much to stay 100% raw. I feel if I eat the cooked veggie I wont feel the same Lol. Does people feel the same too?

  • I'm not sure about the difference between cooked & raw veggies and digestion time? maybe someone else has a link or info. :)

    How long has it been since you had dark greens?

  • hmm:) that last time I had romain lettuce was mabey a month and a half ago

  • yeah, i'd eat some greens of some sort soon. :)

  • So if I eat cooked broccolli or peas etc. Will I still have nice skin and still detox with cooked veggies? I usually dont eate hot food,once cooked I rinse it under cold water ,im so used to eating cold food that I dont like hot food anymore. Will I still stay in shape by eating cooked veggies with alot of fruit?

  • I don't know.

  • If you were to choose between the healthiest cooked food, which would you choose to eat? Cooked quinoa? or cooked peas?

  • Those are our only two choices? I'd pick steamed broccoli or baked sweet potatoes.

  • mmm sounds good, I had peas today they were good, and then I had alot of grapes.

  • Just wondering which is healthier for the body cooked peas, or raw dehydrated buckwheat.

    I know superfood2 you must be thinking again with the dehydrated buckwheat:p

    So which is healthier for the body?

  • just wondering if cooked veggie,legumes are worse than dehydrated foods. Because I found that dehydrated foods sit in the stomach for a while, and they are dry:S

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