Raw Teen: calories?

Hi everyone! Im a 16 year old newly raw [already] vegan. I wanted to know how many calories I should consume? I am a bit over 5'5 and weigh about 105 lbs. I am moderately active. Also if there are any other raw teens out there, any advice or tips about being raw would be great! Thank you!


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    About 2000 calories should see you ok, dont forget about iodine when raw most do and think they can get from fruit. Eat some seaweeds a few times a week.

    Dont forget the b12 sublingual supplement, study recently i read showed raw vegans have higher risk of heart disease due to low b12 /high homocysteine.


  • Do this:


    and let us know how many calories it says you need / day.

  • Meee! I'm a raw teen. Definitely try making 'gourmet' raw foods to impress people and show off how awesome being raw is. I made a raw cake and everyone was like 'WOW, this is RAW?!". also, getting some friends to go vegetarian/vegan really helps going out and stuff. bring raw treats with you to the movies and stuff to snack on. :)

  • heeyyy!! raw teen hereee :D

    I have never worried about calories personally. If you just eat when you are hungry, lots of fresh fruit, veggies some avocado and nuts and stuff....calories are not that much of a concern. This is my personal experience..just thought I'd sharee :D

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