Storing big greens...

coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

Wondering if anyone out there has any creative ideas or tips for storing the larger greens like collards and what not. I always try to have some large greens on hand for making wraps and what not, but they are just such a pain in the butt to store in the fridge cause they’re so big! Right now I just double bag them cause that seems to be the only thing I can think of. I wish I had a long container that I could store them in! Right now I just wash and clean them as I go :-/ I’m sure someone out there has got a better system for managing their greens!!!


  • Little OneLittle One Raw Newbie

    I store the majority of my produce is these green produce bags. I found them at Whole Foods and they have them in 3 different sizes. Also, they do a great job in keeping the produce from going bad as quickly.

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    hi coconutty…I’ve not tried this product, but a woman who’s currently losing tons of weight living on green smoothies had these salad bags listed among some of her favorite prep items scroll down to salad bags….not sure if these are similar to what you use, little one?

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Maybe I’ll have to search around for some of those bags. Hopefully I can find some big enough to hold the collards! The bags I keep them in right now are the bags I buy them in!!! Which of course aren’t big enough once you unwrap the big bundle of greens!

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