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Having a hard time with Recipes

Newbie here! To everything really. I plunged into this raw food world, almost head first! I'm having a real tough time of the recipes though. I think it maybe my food processor as it isn't the best model around. I need recipes that are easy to prepare, and full of yumminess. I bought the Ani Phyo book, and I'm less then impressed with her stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions on some really good recipes that don't require a lot of equipment. Or some really good raw cook books? Any hints or tips you can give me would be great. I'm not going to give up because more then a few recipes have ended up compost, but I need more variety!

Thanks lovelies!



  • I love this site/book. Simple recipes that don't require a lot of equipment.


    Also, I posted under the introductions section some of the staples I've started to develop that are relatively easy and fast.

  • Are they just for you, or are you preparing for others? Personally I keep it simple and don't actually follow recipes. But it's for other people(or just like the variety I guess) I'd check out some of the blogs/sites from some of the forums users. I think there are a few with a number of recipes, and at the least there should be a good collection of links to explore.

  • Just for me. Although I have made a few good soups that my husband has heated up for himself. Thanks for the tips!

  • Glad to hear the hubby has eaten a few of your soups. Mine seems to dislike most things I make, ha ha. At least I can get him to drink my green smoothies (make them with raw wheatgrass juice http://www.sweetwheat.com) and a couple of other things. Good luck with your Raw journey! :)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Many of the gourmet raw recipes are some of the hardest recipes to create. It takes abit of time to master many of them.

    Im not the best at doing recipes myself but i have mastered one or two, that even my non raw friends love.


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