How do I make a whipped cream from nuts that is actually light and whippy?

Hello Raw Family! I'd like to know how to make a whipped cream from almonds that is light and whippy. I have a Vitamix w/the wet and the dry blade containers. My food processor broke tho :( Is there certain equipment that works best? I just had an idea as I was typing. Would a hand mixer pump enough air into the cream to whip it if I make it slightly thick...not too much H2O? Hmmmm I don't have a hand mixer yet, but I think I'll buy one soon!. But if anyone has ideas, please post. :)


  • A small amount of Irish moss will lighten up the mixture a little bit. :)

  • Someone also answered you on Twitter. Their suggestion:

    Try adding coconut milk. It's all about the ratio and then let it chill in fridge and re-whip.

  • yayyy!!!!!!!!! Thank you Achin and Candace! I will try them both! Frst I'll try blending, chilling, then whipping raw young coconut meat! Then later on I'll buy some Irish moss! :)

  • I just reread your comment Candace. If this works w/coconut MILK that'd be even better! Thanks!

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