Is raw cheeze supposed to smell really terrible?

A couple days ago I whipped up my first batch of cultured raw cheeze (Russel Jame's video) and it's been sitting on the counter draining for the last two days as he says. However, this morning I noticed it had a TERRIBLE rancid smell. Is this what "cultured" means? It smells like chopped veggies and banana left enclosed in the sun for a couple months. Would you presume it's safe to eat? It's made of almonds, cashews, water, and probiotics.



  • what does it taste like? it should taste a little sharp like dairy cheese, and smell not far off from it. if it tastes awful, you probably overfermented it or it was at too high of a temperature. 24-48 hours is the ideal fermentation time. perhaps also there was a bad almond or cashew in there that ruined the batch.

  • I think it tastes rotten. My boyfriend loves it. Guess that's where it's going to go. :)

    Perhaps I'm not used to cheese enough or something...been vegan a while. Hopefully that's it and I didn't just waste a bunch of money on probiotics. I don't think it was too high a temperature as where I'm living now the daily temperature is >30 degrees F and heating is expensive. Maybe I was overzealous on the probiotics. Next time I'll cut down on those and buy different nuts first.

    Thank you!

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