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alejandrafalejandraf Raw Newbie

What are your favourite superfoods and supplements for

1) Weight Loss

2) General Health

What simple recipes would you reccomend to use these superfoods in your diet?


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  • JanaceJanace Raw Jr. Superstar
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    Acai either in powder form or frozen. I use it in smoothies. It has Vitamin A which helps with vision and immune support, Vitamin C which helps the immune system, Calcium for bone health, and Iron to support blood health.  I like that is contains iron. It mixes well with many different fruits so you really can't go wrong. I like Goji berries too. They also have Vitamin A & C, and Iron as well as trace minerals, protien, and amino acids. I get the dried goji berries. These pair particularly well with strawberries in a smoothie. Goji berries are supposed to be very nutrient dense.  I cannot forget Cacao powder which is a great source of magnesium, fiber, and iron. This can be used in smoothies and desserts. I love Laura-Janes one minute fudge. It is great if you are watching your weight and just need a bite of super rich chocolately goodness.

    The most imporant suppliments for raw vegans are B-12 and Iodine. I use Garden of Life My Kind Organics B-12 spray. I have also used thier capsuls. Since B-12 is not found in significant quantities in plant foods it is a necessity for health. If you use sea salt it will not contain Iodine so you will need to supplement. This is critical for thyroid function. I have Iodine drops from Sprouts that I take daily.

    I hope this helps. I cannot wait to see what others post here. Great topic!



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I'm going to have to go with nutritional yeast, blueberries and seaweed when it comes to my favorite superfoods for general health. They make great toppings for so many different recipes.

    When I need to lose weight, I increase my exercise - it's the only thing that works for me. 

  • ankurrankurr Raw Newbie

    I simply love Uncle Lee's Dieters Tea. I started using it quite frequently and it helped get rid of my digestion issues. Highly recommended 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

     Does the tea help with weight loss too, or is that just a silly question?

  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    I go with organic whole food vitamins such as although I do not use that brand exclusively. I'm on a budget. Sometimes it comes down to which brand is having a sale that month.

    I do notice the difference in my general wellbeing when I take them compared to how I felt when I was taking conventional multivitamins. 

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