Hey, raw ones. I’m Victoria, and I’ve been raw now for over a month. I just completed an 8-day cleanse, which was incredibly powerful. And my cooked food interest is nil—I just can’t wait to get a dehydrator. :) What I’ve found most wonderful about eating raw is how intimately it puts you in touch with your body, and what it wants/needs. And how so many people out there aren’t in touch with their bodies. If they were, then eating Big Macs and deep-fried turkeys might not appeal as much. Happy to be here; it’s a fantastic site!


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi RawVee, Welcome to Gone Raw…we’re glad you’re here! What sort of cleanse did you do? Do you think it helped with cooked food cravings?

  • GabeGabe Raw Newbie

    Hey, : )

  • Hi, Kandace!

    Thanks for the welcome. :) I did the Blessed Herbs cleanse. It’s an 8-day cleanse. The first 3 days are slowly reducing what you’re eating, and the remaining 5 are liquids and the supplements. I think it helped with cooked cravings, not physiologically, but psychologically. After seeing what my body had been holding onto, I didn’t want to reintroduce anything that wasn’t optimal for my health. :)

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie


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