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KikAllezKikAllez Raw Newbie

Hi there!  Once again I want to try to go raw.  We are already vegan and I am a gourmet vegan chef (self taught).  I have the equipment (Vitamix, Excalibur dehydrator, and even a sprouter that self waters) so at least that part is covered.  I used to juice but quit that as I felt it was too concentrated in sugars and eliminated the healthy fiber.  


I have a couple of challenges on going raw.  I could not have picked a more hectic time to do this.  I am going back to work the end of May as a dialysis RN and it will entail 8 intensive weeks of training, and in those weeks I will spend a day to three days in Albuquerque (265 miles from our home in eastern New Mexico).  Then when I go in full schedule I will have to be super organized, as early mornings (be there at 4:30 and long days) BUT block scheduling means three days on, day off, three days on and a week off.  Once I get in the routine this will be better.  The challenge?  My husband runs a wind farm (and he is vegan, of course) but his job is out in the middle of nowhere so I have to always cook for leftovers so he can take meals to work.  I will have to plan for that.  As wonderful as my man is (married 33 years this summer) he is like a man child and totally befuddled on figuring out meals for himself. So, yes, a challenge.  We will get through this.  Just going to be a steep learning curve.  Since I am the cook and I know his preferences I can cook raw and not make a big deal out of it.  He will eat what I put in front of him.  But left to his own defenses I could see him eating a fried Alsups' burrito! Lol


Else about us:  we have one son, who is a wounded warrior (USMC) and a fantastic vegan chef when he isn't smoking meats for people.   We are dog people!  We have a  red heeler and blue heeler, both are 8 1/2 years old and both have lost their eyeballs due to genetic problem, but are amazing Chuck It ball fetchers.  We adopted a "village mutt" from a high kill shelter a few months ago. She is nearly 6 months old and it is nice to have a dog with eyeballs.  We DNA tested her and she is 32% pit bull, 19% blue heeler and other things but mixed back to her great grandparents and just an absolute doll.  I have never had such a laid back puppy.  Can you tell I am besotted.

When we can, we love to ride our bicycles (when the wind and sand isn't blowing out here).  We have an RV we never get to use but always say "some day".  Headed to Jamaica this Saturday to renew our wedding vows (and Jamaica is a fantastic place to eat vegan and even raw.....I love ackee but I don't think it is raw).


Although we are in our 50's, due to being whole food, unprocessed vegans we can work circles around the young folk!  We don't preach vegan but just live this way as best can to be an example of good health and vitality.  We do live in an area with mega dairies and it is heartbreaking.  Moved here from Minnesota last year, and saw all the massive slaughter houses and pig, chicken, and turkey CAFOs up there.  Again, heartbreaking.  


Sorry to be so wordy!



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    That does sound hectic! All I can say is prepare, prepare, prepare so you always have enough food ready for meals and to pack to bring with you during the chaotic days. 

  • KikAllezKikAllez Raw Newbie

    Thanks ClaireT!  Yep, preplanning will be the key here.  


    BTW, we may have moved to New Mexico from Minnesota, but we were only there for three years. We are true New Mexicans by way of Texas. everything we eat tends to have some spice and zing to it.  

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