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My journey to raw and how it is for me

Hi Everyone! My name is Savrah. I’ve been eating just about 100% raw since mid April 2007. It happened pretty suddenly, and really organically. It’s kind of a long story, and here is the abbreviated version:

Last March, I spontaneously lost most of the vision in my left eye. It turned out to be this condition called Optic Neuritis, (an inflammation of the optic nerve). The doctors also concluded that there were some little white lesions in my brain, that led them to the conclusion that I had a 50% chance of having some other “flare up”, and being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over the next year.

I realized quickly that all of this was mainly a result of STRESS- not stress in my daily actions, like the fact that I was super busy- which I was- but stress in my way of being in the world- like I had to be perfect, and to try really hard to control everything, everyone, and all of life- yikes!

Instead of taking the doctor recommended meds, I decided to change everything about the way I was being. I started seeing all kinds of alternative healers. And mostly, I slooooowed down.

I read a book about a guy who went raw and alleviated all of his ms symptoms and hiked the Appalachian Trail. I thought he was crazy for going raw.

I lead some people on a spring cleanse, during which i was eating fruits and vegetables. When we came out of the cleanse, I kept checking in with my intuition around what to eat next. For some reason, I just didn’t want cooked food. I listened to what my body was saying, and I’ve been just about 100% raw since then. ( i ate a couple grilled cheese sandwiches and some bacon at Burning Man- it just felt right at the time, and I have no regrets).

How things are now- is AMAZING! I’ve had lots of cool physical transformations. Even more incredible though, is the spiritual transformation. I feel joy and happiness all the time now. I get it that we are one, that you and I are the same, and that we are the divine.

I have no idea what is coming next. I do know that whatever I choose it to be, will be. I have become really connected to the practice of manifesting what I want in the world. This practice is magical and fun!

I love connecting with people, and lately I’m most excited to connect with other folks on a similar vibration. I went to the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona and…WOW! It pretty much blew my mind- so much love, support, people coming together to hold each other in the highest light. I’m pretty sure this is what being alive is all about.

YAY love and light! Savrah :)


  • Congratulations on your healing. You are on the way to a happy and healthy life! I know I couldnt live without raw food.

  • Good for you, Savrah! I love your relaxed attitude about all of this. That’s something I’m working on in all areas of life.

  • Thanks lushpapaya and rediscoverrawfood! I appreciate your support! love, Savrah

  • OMG I KNEW YOU LOOKED FAMILIAR!! You went to IIN last year… PTP1. I was in PTP 1 too and we did a practice health history together. I don’t know if you remember me or not.

    How interesting that we both find ourselves here, lol!! And with raw food. Isn’t it amazing?

    Btw your picture is so lovely. :)

  • Hi Katie! Yay! I love how many IIN folks I run into everywhere! I ran into a bunch at the Raw Spirit Festival a few weeks ago. Forgive me, I can’t quite place you. I’d love to chat more about what your life is like post IIN.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    What an inspiring story! It’s the love, support and caring that radiate from the members here that inspire us newbies to continue on through trial and error and detox ! Congratulations on healing your body and spirit. The spirituality is the one thing I didn’t expect, but is so powerful.

  • savrah! what a beautiful post! thanks :) you put out a ton of love there and i’m having my share with avocado!! yummy!

    p.s. next year i want to go to the raw food festival. it looked like such a cool gathering.

  • that’s so great to hear deborahann- and no kidding about how powerful the spiritual shift is! thanks lovespeter- i love avos!!

  • Ouu I want to go to the raw food festival next year too, but I don’t know how possible that will be.

    It’d be great to chat. :) The reason I remember you so well is cause I thought you really stood out. You just seem like a very bright person :) It seems like things are really going well for you post IIN. I’m getting there… slowly… lol.

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