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ALL ABOARD! Join us December 1 for a Master Cleanse (MC)

Hey guys! While posting on another thread a group started discussing the benefits of a good fast. A bunch of us have decided to take part in Burroughs Master Cleanse. If you are interested we are starting December 1, 2007. Each of us have personal goals, but you should at least to commit for three days. (That’s when all the “fun” stuff starts!)

Obviously, there are no rules, but the thread would be helpful if everyone would post detox symptoms, if any, and how they are coping with the pressure, if any, from others around you.

I’m open and ready to rock…




  • I can start on Dec 3 (It will be hard to start over the weekend since I will have family from out of town and we will be going out to eat & go to a concert, etc…. excuses, excuses – I know!!). I know that the cleanse is water, lemon, maple & cayenne. My question is this: in what quantities, how often, etc.?

    Any info on this would be helpful!! Thanks!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i’m taking a plane on the 4th and heard it’s best to fast on planes anyway… i could stop it right after, or continue, but i think this could be “FUN” in that health-nutty sort of way =)

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    As of right now, I am game…but, I have a mama due to give birth around that time, and if she goes into labor, then I am going to have to start a little later. I need nourishment to be best support to her. I’ll keep you posted!

  • RawJim – I could actually start the week after Thanksgiving (the 25th) – and do it up until the 1st. And have info and experience to share with everyone who starts on the 1st. I still need more info on it though.

  • Wow, I would really love to do this with you all. I have been wanting to do this cleanse for a while. The only thing is, my 21st bday is november 30th, and I imagine I will be in no shape to start the cleanse until the second. I was thinking that a cleanse might be a good way to get all the alcohol out of my system anyway? Is this a bad idea?

  • This sounds great, I would love to do a group Master cleanse.

    This is a great audio introduction to the Master Cleanser:




  • I’m in for sure!! :D

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    Awesome. I’d like to do it, but when I tried it before I became Very unbalanced..I had been on raw food for months and was doing just fine and then i did the cleanse and I felt like starving and I couldn’t last more than a few days and then I couldn’t control my eating habits after that… excessive eating, indulging, even cooked food…it really threw me off… I’m better now but I’m kinda scared to try that again.

  • I would like to do it.Really good idea.I might start Dec 2nd since my friends are having a “Get together party”.

  • RawJim
    It’s always been easier for me to fast while at work. When at home and out of my normal routine it is more difficult. With the MC there are no crazy bathroom “issues” which would keep you from going to work or school. The only thing you need to be concerned with is allowing enough time in the morning (about 30 minutes) for the salt water flush. And, in retrospect, the further along in the cleanse you get the easier it is to deal with that aspect.

    Hope you can join us! The more bodies we have the harder we can rock!


  • Aw man… I really want to do another MC, but I JUST did one last month and December 1st will probably be too soon to do another. :( I’ll wait for anyone who wants to do a January 1st cleanse with me. I was planning on doing it for the new year, to cleanse myself from some poor food choices that I have made / will sadly probably continue to make through the holiday season, and to kick-start some healthy habits for my new year’s resolution.

  • I have been reading up on the MC and it recommends doing it for at least 10 days. With the holiday season being so busy with holiday parties and food temptations (mid week and on weekends), I am realizing that December might be a tough month for me. I have to be kind to myself, and if I do a cleanse, I really want to stick with it.

    I’m with you Katie. January will be a much better time for me to cleanse. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone does in December so I can follow suit in January.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I just read some on this Master Cleanse, which I had not heard of until I read this thread. I understand the science behind a juice cleanse and why it is so beneficial. I understand the science behind a gallbladder and liver flush, and have done two and rid myself of painful gallstones. I couldn’t find anything to support the giological reasons for the master cleanse such as what effect the foods/juices used have on your body, why teh prescribed time duration, etc. Does anyone know this info and can you direct me to a website where I can read up on the science or reasoning? Also, if anyone has this done this before I would interested in hearing your experiences. I must admit it sounds but I do have an open mind. I thought the gallbladder flush and coffee enemas sounded crazy when I first heard about them but I absolutely believe they are legitimate therapies. Thanks in advance.

  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    i was thinking about starting a juice fast soon… so i can join you in your efforts to cleanse, but no master cleanse for me, i have too much fresh produce for that.

  • I’m in. =) Yay!

    I once had a really easy, fabulous time with a 10 day juice fast (which kicked off my transition to raw).

    I’m curious to see what the MC is like. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile. I might not be able to do it for too long though, I don’t have much weight to spare. I’m kinda at the lower-normal range for my BMI, but if I lose more than a few pounds I’ll be officially underweight and I don’t really want that.

  • JoyceH

    I agree. Burrough claims that your body will recalibrate so those needing to lose – will – and others – won’t – IMO I am 15 lbs overweight…The last MC I completed was for 12 days and I didn’t lose a pound…which should have been “proof” for me that I don’t need to lose the 15…:)

  • Dain5000-
    I would suggest buying Burrough’s book if you’re interested. Its super cheap. But, if you prefer reading online, here’s the link for his entire book:


    Its pretty short. 50 pages in print… and not big pages either.

    Ten days is prescribed as the minimum because the first few days is just the body cleaning out whats in the digestive tract. Then comes some more serious detox (usually around day 7)... and your body continues in cycles of 7 days with periods of more intense detox and symptoms and other periods of little to no symptoms / detox. The lemon juice changes your pH to alkaline (it may be acid outside of the body, but inside it turns alkaline), and the cayenne is good for the blood and, more importantly for the cleanse, will sort of kick up any junk in your digestive system thats stuck so it can be pushed out. The maple syrup is for the calories / energy, and for some vitamins / minerals in it. The salt water flush and senna tea are, obviously, for cleaning out those toxins that the lemonade will bring out.

    It was a really great cleanse. It completely kicked any cravings I had for SAD food, and I felt wonderful throughout the whole thing. I lost about ten pounds doing it.

    As far as the science behind it, essentially Burroughs believes that sickness is toxicity in the body, and in order to be healthy then people with toxic build-up should cleanse. The Master Cleanse is what he used and had the most success with in his practice. Water cleanses work too, but you have to be monitored and bed ridden. The Master Cleanse allows you to be active and lead a more or less normal life for the duration, and its somewhat forceful as compared to other cleanses. By forceful, I mean that it actively pushed toxins from you, whereas something like a juice fast simply allows your body to clean itself by not robbing it of energy necessary to digest. The Master Cleanse does that too, only it takes it to another level.

    This was really helpful to me when I did my first MC:



  • I just did the MC in September and it was AMAZING. I’m dying to do it again, I am soooo down!! 

  • I never thought about fasting, as Im veeery underweight and I always read that underweight people shouldnt fast, but after a terrible non-vegan day yesterday, today I didnt feel like eating anything at all, and Im having problems with skin in my face. (First time in my life, around my mouth, too)
    I cannot even think about taking any kind of food, so even though Im scared (you cant imagine how much) Im going to try the master cleanse and see how it goes.
    I wanted to start on 1st, like everybody else, but this week I have more free time and also, I think my body reached its limit, so I cannot wait.
    Would you mind if I post here how Im doing? I dont even know if I will be able to do it or not, but for sure I think I will need some help.
    Thank you.

  • I’m on my 8th day of fasting with the MC. This is my first fasting experience and it’s wonderful! But I’m freezing my hands and feet since it’s so cold here. Nevertheless, I wish you all a pleasurable fast :)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    kundalalita- i’m curious, cuz this was my experience on a 5 day juice fast. my stomach went concave and i feared i was starving myself, so on day 4 i broke fast.

    has anyone else had this experience? how can you avoid this?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    O.K., I started the cleanse a little early, as I realized I have no mama’s due until around the first of Dec., so wanted to take advantage of this extra week.

    I had the seneca tea last night and the salt water this morning. After the salt water I realized I am going to need some real support! It took all I had to drink the ENTIRE quart of salt water without gagging/throwing up. Now, about 15 minutes after finishing it, I still feel naseous and I even felt my temperature go up. So, did I drink it too fast? I got it all down in about 5-10 minutes. Is it something I am supposed to stretch out over a few hours, or ….? Any tips? I don’t know if I can do the salt water thing everymorning, and I am only on the first day. I don’t want to be a quitter!

  • Spiritedmama – Morning…The book states that the SWF (salt water flush) will be difficult until day 3. I couldn’t handle it the first three days. I decided that I was going to wait until I could get it down…Make sure you are not using table salt or even regular sea salt…The book specifically states Celtic Sea Salt…it is much easier to deal with…Side note – Making the water slightly warmer than room temp. helps too.


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    thanks for the tips veganpunk. I was using 2 teaspoons (don’t think I could have handled more!). But, the sea salt I was using was not celtic sea salt. It was mediteranean sea salt. So, I will go buy the celtic for tomorrow. I did heat the water to luke warm, and that did help too. I am about 2 hours after the SWF, and after drinking my first cup of MC, I am feeling better, and very energized!

  • :) I’m in! After going back to a SAD diet this summer (personal life stress…I know better but it happened :) and now I’m trying to get back on track!) I’ve put on extra weight and feel so yucky. I am going back to raw so this will be a great way to help me to transition!

  • RCBAliveRCBAlive Raw Newbie

    In 1999, I did a 17 day master cleanse and then went to a raw food diet. I have been a raw foodist ever since.

    I have tried to do it again several times since then, but I get totally sick to my stomach from the maple syrup. It is my understanding that maple syrup is not raw and must be heated at high temperatures. I have tried the mc using agave instead and have not felt sick. However, there is controversy about whether or not really raw agave actually exists and I wonder if the nutrients are equivalent. I would like to do some type of fast, but would like it to be truly raw. I have done water fasts through the years, but I always get very weak. I did a 50 raw juice fast this past summer and had great success, but I am not sure that I am really up to the amount of work required. I need to do something in which I can continue to work; something that is not so labor intensive. Any ideas?

  • RCBAlive – Hey. For me the fact that the maple syrup is not raw is/was a non-issue – I still think the benefits far outweigh the purity of the 100% raw…On the MC unlike others I was able to work and train 6 days a week – There were a ton of benefits – too numerous to list – but I must say the best one (for me) was the ability to sleep through the night – I cannot tell you the blissfull/magical sleep I experienced during the cleanse – I say this because I wake up every 2-3 hours under normal circumstances – plus – wait – I’ve slept soundly every since….

  • Question, is it ok to do a MC for purely selfish reasons? I want to look really great when friends/family get into town for the holidays. I know there will also be numerous other benefits – I’ve always really enjoyed a good fast. The longest I’ve done is a 4 day water fast, and it felt so great I didn’t really want to break the fast!

    So, can I join you even if I do this selfishly?

  • skyespice – of course you can join – I haven’t been on the forum long enough to know much about you – I do apologize for that – but don’t be disappointed if weight does not fall off – Other than sleep and the most beautiful skin I’ve ever had I didn’t lose an oz. – so join in – the benefits are worth it -


  • skyespice – again my apology – I just read you were losing too much weight as a raw vegan so obviously that is a non-issue :)

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