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ALL ABOARD! Join us December 1 for a Master Cleanse (MC)



  • I have another question about the cleanse… What if you are on medication? Specifically, birth control. Obviously if I am flushing toxins out of my system, it seems that the pill would flush right out along with everything else… Does anyone have any input on this?


  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Renoir, I know what you mean about warmth. This cleanse has been easy for me except toward the end I started getting sooo cold. Yesterday, my husband said the house was like an inferno. I had the heat way up. I was wearing my jeans, a sweat shirt and a big, heavy robe over tha, but I still had to get under my electric blanket, and I also had a small electric heater going by the bed. I was still cold!!! And I live in Southern California. So the next time I do the cleanse will be a warmer time of year. Hunger? Easy, that was nothing. Cold, oh god I was freezing, but only toward the end. I don’t think you have to worry about birthcontrol being flushed out. I can’t imagine any cleanse or fast doing that.
    Well, this is the final day for me. I’m on the second day of orange juice, and tomorrow I”ll start eating. Wow!! I have it all planned out. I know just what I’m going to eat. It’ll be really simple. Apples, pears, and then in the evening some cabbage slaw.

  • Hello hello!

    Day 7 – day 5 was alright exept for aces in my stomach,like it is very tight or something,hard to decribe. Day 6 (yesterday) was really bad,my stomach was worse and I had difficulty breatheing deep breaths and mentally I vas very negative.And because of how my stomach felt could

  • I know this group is done w/ their master cleanse, but I am starting mine! It will carry me into the New Year. I will be done on Friday, Jan. 4th! This was a better time for me—on vacation and all…—So we will see how it goes!

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