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Hey everyone,

FYI there’s a book called Raw Living by Kate Wood with lots of great recipes and no instructions for self-administering enemas (which put me off a few of the others i’ve come across!)

Does anyone have good books on raw food? It’s a great help when you’re starting out!



  • the first book i read for going raw was Natalia Rose’s “The Raw Food Detox Diet”....i know a lot of raw foodists don’t think it is a “raw” book, it was a great introduction for me, and it has encouraged me to go (mostly) raw vegan. i have heard great things about Alissa Cohen’s book, but have been unable to get it in Canada so far. For a recipe book, I just got Ani Phyo’s Raw Kitchen, and it has some GREAT recipes in it! i know there are a ton of other great books mentioned all over the site, but i am not so familiar with them, so i will let others explain them….



  • OneOne

    Thankyou Janana :)
    I just visited your blog, very cool, keep up the good work!

  • aww thanks! and just to let you know, that if you do read the raw food detox diet, it has a section on “self administered elimination”.....sorry, forgot about that chapter! lol

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