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Help...im craving!!!

I’m brand new at trying this raw diet, but I have been having some really extreme cravings. I live with others who are totally against my choice and I have no support. Theres always stuff lying around like brownies or cookies and they tempt me so bad!! I just gave in to a brownie about an hour ago, and I feel horrible. I’m so mad at myself for now having to start all over. Any suggestions on how to deal?


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I would definitely check out some of the cookie and brownie recipes on here! And most of them you really don’t even need to dehydrate, just eat as is ;-) But of course for something less complicated, dates are the perfect cure for a sweet tooth! Sometimes if I’m having bad cravings eating grapefruit solves the problem. But most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes time, everbody transitions differently. Keep your head up and don’t let a little slip up bring you down!

  • If it’s cookies you are craving have a sweet treat, something simple like a date with an almond inside it is like a lollie, for chocolate add a cacao bean. If it’s something savoury then make some guacamole and dip some raw flax crackers in it or some veg if you don’t have crackers. Like coconutty said go to the recipes and find something that is similar in .. either fatty, salty, sweet etc. Even looking through the recipes helps to take your mind off the nonraw and shows you how delicious raw actually is.
    Good luck, it’s all fun!

  • I’m lucky to live alone. Nothing is here unless I brought it here!

    I always have something sweet around. I made raw no-bake cookies a few days ago and have been munching on those when I get the urge for sweets. And I keep pureed frozen fruit in the freezer for ice cream cravings. If I have a raw alternative on hand, I’m less likely to cheat. Even then, I don’t consider it cheating. We all have different reasons for eating raw.

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Have a stock of dried fruit and nut ‘truffles’ in the fridge ready to go in case you get the munchies. For example, goji’s blended with cashew nuts and sunflower seeds, dates blended with almonds and maybe some cacoa nibs. Bliz and roll into small balls. Better to try to wean yourself off the sweet stuff and have some dips ready to go in the fridge.

  • the BIGGEST mistake you can make is feeling bad. we all give in sometimes, the best thing to do is not feel bad about it, and not thinking you have to “start over”....this stopped me from continuing with raw last year, i felt i had “ruined” everything i did, by giving in to one simple thing. just keep going with it, you’re just transitioning. like everyone else said, medjool dates are a good sweet treat!!!!! yoga also keeps the cravings away!!!

  • I agree with chinacatsunflower – don’t beat yourself up about it! I honestly does get easier over time. I’ve been Raw for a little over a month now and I have no cravings whatsoever. Once you start feeling and seeing the difference of being Raw, dead, empty foods will have no appeal! You’ll feel and look a lot healthier, just remember WHY you’re doing this.

    I have no support from virtually everyone except my boyfriend (and he eats cooked foods) but I manage. I just don’t talk about it and if anyone tries to put me down I just ignore them. Why is it their business what you put in your body. I say let them eat what they want, you eat what you want, and in 20 years you’ll be laughing!

    Have Fun!

  • Thanks very much all of you! After reading all of your comments, I have realized this is a big transistion, and I have to be patient with myself. I just have to learn to ignore the others putting me down and laughing at me, and turn around and laugh at them for the crap that they put in their bodies!! Thanks again all!!!1

  • I love sweets. I could live on sweets if it would not kill me. The best thing I found to get me by for one month (that is how far I am now) it this. Think of this stuff as a poison that it is. I hear antifreeze is sweet, but you would not drink it because it is poison. So is sweets and all other junk. Just remind yourself to see it for what it is.

  • YEs….POISON IT IS!!!! thanks

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    also, continuing chinacatsunflower + valeria’s thoughts… i remember when i first started out lying in bed puzzled over what was safe to eat… there are so many theories of raw food. or stressing about what i could make for dinner… and then i’d realize: I”VE FORGOTTEN THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: BREATHE! the real poisons are not what we take in form of food, but it form of thought. the most toxic ingredient you can add to your life is guilt, fear, hatred, etc… that’s why yoga rocks!

    we are too hard on ourselves. better to feel grateful that you’ve made this fabulous choice to wake up to vibrant HEALTH! this should feel incredibly freeing.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Please don’t feel bad, jmasterson. We know it’s really hard sometimes, especially when there is junk lying around from other people in the house. Ignore the remarks. I’m very impressed with you.:-)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Just try to add more and more raw everyday. Maybe try 1 100% raw day a week. My friend is transitioning to raw and she eats as much raw as she can, with the occasional cooked food. It seems to work for her and I can tell she is getting the benefits of raw food even with the other stuff. Don’t be hard on yourself. Just keep eating more raw. It’s awesome you’re shifting your awareness to what’s healthy for you!

  • Hi Jmasterson, I felt compelled to write even though you have had loads of great advice already. I was a classic binge dieter for years before raw foods and I remember with some pain, the familiar cycle you describe. Raw foods has only been different for me because I totally changed my attitude about food. I knew I was in for the long haul and that it would be a journey of months, years, a lifetime! I consider any food you are eating that is raw to be a great thing, and during my transition my hubby and I would often go for evening meals that were certainly not raw! But I just carried on rawing in between and didn’t berate myself because I knew raw was what I wanted really and that I would get there in the end. My advice to you is to not deny yourself at this stage. Have a bloomin brownie and an hour or so later eat a massive, juicy orange…or 2! that will clean out your insides beautifully! Just do the best you can a bit at a time and don’t panic. Ignore the others that will try and bring you down. People get very uppity about food and feel they can comment freely on what you decide to eat which is really pretty rude. I have experience with ignorant people telling me that veganism was on the same level as anoxeria! Research the stuff they might throw at you – iron, B12, calcium, protein etc. They’ll soon shut up when you know your stuff, and when you emerge victorious and raw, you’ll feel you can take on the world! xx

  • PamPam

    J, don’t worry about a slip-up, like many have already said. I have been raw for 2 years, with a huge break in-between the first and second year. The only thing that has kept me going this 2nd year is being more forgiving of myself than I was the first time around. A lapse (or two or three) doesn’t mean that the gig is up. Just get back on track and learn from it. I am 100% and no one is going to make me stop saying that even though I occasionally slip up… LOL. When I do, I simply ask myself why and how could I have prevented it. In my case, it is almost always because I am traveling and I didn’t take enough food with me to battle temptations. One day I will not have these temptations, I’m sure, but for now, I have to be realistic—and prepared!

    There are a ton of sweet recipes that will keep you on track, as mentioned. If you have to freeze some sweet treats to make sure you’re not without, do it! In the beginning, try not to be too restrictive. You will naturally curtail the sweets in a few months. For my first few months of raw I carried around one or two Medjool dates stuffed with almond butter. As far as savory recipes go, I have dishes I really love that handle my cooked food cravings, like my stuffed mushroom recipe, falafel, or, most recently, the Sausage and Pepper Pizza recipe on this site.

    Also, everything we need to know about those who put us down, we learned in kindergarten. If someone is waving their food in front of your nose, take the wind out of their sails. Ask them what they’re eating, say it looks good, and then go on with your life! If you’re trying to convert them, stop. Don’t engage with them and before you know it, they’ll be sniffing around your plate trying to figure out what’s so good about what you’re eating! When people are vitamin and mineral deprived, they will be inexplicably attracted to your food—the enticing smells, the vibrant colors, the crispy textures.

    So just chill, watch it unfold, and keep doing what you’re doing!

  • PamPam

    Oh, also a great sweet treat that will have everyone in your house salivating and takes 10 minutes to make is a raw pie. Process an equal amount of dates and almonds or walnuts. Add cinnamon and a little salt it you like. Press onto a plate. Blend some berries, peaches or other juicy fruit with agave and a few soaked dates (which will thicken the filling). Pour blended fruit on top of the crust and garnish with sliced fruit or berries (although if you plan to keep the pie for a couple of days, skip the fruit garnishes as they tend to spoil quickly.) I have never met a single person who doesn’t love this pie… but, of course, you’re not going to offer it to anyone unless they ask!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Mixing the fruit topping with fresh lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit juice helps to prolong the “life” of cut fruit, especially fruits that oxidize quickly like peaches, pears, and apples.

    Pam~ The pie sounds yummy!!! And when am I coming over for dinner? ;)

  • huge thanks to all of you. It is great to have so much support from you wonderful people!! It feels good to have so many people have so much positive things to say to me, because I have no support here at home. Thanks again, I really really appreciate it. Oh ya…I’m proud to say that I have been 100% raw for 2 whole days now with no slips and I am so proud of myself!!!!!!

  • justagirljustagirl Raw Newbie

    I applaude you jmasterson. You have gone so much farther than those who have never tried at all!!! I actually had a friend I went out to eat with that said “I’m not going out to eat with you again until you eat real food”..guess what? ...that’s not a friend..needless to say I don’t see that person any more. Matthew Monarch writes a book about the social, physical, emotion and spiritual aspects (downside as well)of going raw…it’s great.

  • check out this video.. it helps when your slippin up….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnxjQayn2eA

  • I wish I had seen this web site and topic about three weeks ago. I was told by my doctor that my blood acidic level was to high and causing healp issues, and I was to eat as much natural green foods as I can. No meats, processed foods, sweets or most importantly ice-cream. Well lately I have been feeling so horrible as I have slipped dramatically and am struggling getting back on track. I am craving the sweets and can’t find the item that I am craving. It was nice to read that the slip is okay and sounds like it is almost normal. Thank you all for reaffirming to myself that I can do it.

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