A Cold

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Great i have a cold, my throat hurts and I sound terrible, and i woke up this am and Im horse. But the difference this time is I can breathe, I just have a bad runny nose and I think while Im sleeping its draining in my throat irratating it.
What do i do now, what herbs help the throat? See this is where Im helpless because i havent ever been sick RAW. This is where i want herb TEA! for my throat and what about lausenges? Cant have those either? Well im going to try and drink some warm honey/water to get me to work.


  • Thyme is great or sore throat! You can drink it as tea and/or you can add some thyme oil to your bath. It is also a good idea to take hot showers or baths. Eukaliptus oil is very good as well. You can eat 3-4 drops of it in a spoonful of honey or agave, or take a bath with some eukaliptus oil in the water.
    There are some spices which can also help: ginger, cayanne, pepper, cinnamon.
    Onions and garlic are a great help!
    It is important to eat a lot of vitamin C rich food like peppers, broccoli, kiwi, berries etc.
    Drink some rosehip tea! To make it soak the rosehip in cold water for 7-8 hours or overnight and drink it! It is full of vitamin C. Maybe you can take some supplements too.
    A good ailment for sore throat is to gargle with some warm,salty water for a few minutes then spit it out.

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