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what to do with over ripe avocado

Well, the title says it all.

I have two avocados that are over ripe, and I don’t want to waste them. I don’t want to just eat them as is though. Ick.


  • use them on your face or hair as a mask!

  • Can I have them, then?:P

    Really, though, I would just mash them up in a bowl with a fork and either squeeze sweet lime on them and eat them up. Or you could mash them and add chopped tomatoes and fold them into a lettuce leaf sprinkled with nuts or or herbs and topped with alfalfa sprouts.(I didn’t know what you meant by over-ripe, if it was too soft or brown, sorry)

  • kminty if an avocado is turning brown inside, is it still okay to use it as a facial mask? That happened to one of mine last week.

  • If stringy roots are growing inside, I say save the seed, start a plant and toss the rest in the compost!

  • overripe avos make great ice cream. pretend you are making guacamole—add lemon/lime, a pinch of salt, and THEN the sweetener of your choice. optional spices: cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom. freeze. take out about 20 min. before you want to eat it. oh my gosh it’s heavenly!

  • Salad dressing with lemon, cumin, garlic. Delicious!

  • I make a zuccini soup that I have been meaning to post that is REALLY delicious when you use an over ripe avacado. I don’t remember the porportions exactly but it’s zuccini, avacado, celery, olive oil (2 TBS), lemon juice (2 TBS) and dried dill (1 TSP) in a blender. It comes out creamy and fresh. One of these days I will take a picture and post it.

  • I had two avocados that were really brown, so I ground up some almonds and oatmeal and mixed together with the avocado. I used it as a body scrub in the shower. It made my skin very soft, but it was an awful mess to clean up afterwards!

  • oh ha ha. aimeerachelle- i was reading your avo recipe and was thinking to myself “where is she going with this this doesn’t sound very apetizing…” then i realized it was a soap substitute! =)

  • I use all our over ripe avo’s on my face and or hair and they work splendidly and I’ve never had a problem

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