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Dried fruit binges

I love being raw and find the thought of a lot of cooked food makes me feel very upset to my stomach. That said you can imagine i rarely crave cooked food. However, i do go on dried fruit binges. I find myself eating alot of dried fruit during class (i am a college student) among many other times. I know eating this much is not good for me, because of the high sugar, low h2o content etc. That and the little “pooch” that has developed under my belly button. Any suggestions on how to control the cravings?


  • i’m totally experiencing the same problem. It’s like, i can either totally avoid all dried fruit, or i want as much of it as possible. i loooove sweets. i’m doing a dry-fruit fast this week because my dependency on them got a little too intense.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    If you craving sweets I read somewhere that it could be because your body is lacking protein. I would try to consume more greens.

  • Thank you, im glad im not the only one out there with the sweet problem. Joesc you are probably right. My family supports the way i eat and are trying to incorporate more raw in their diet. So my dad bought me ALOT of fruit so thats all ive been eating because i didnt want it to get ripe on me. I will definitly try more greens…thanks for the tip

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    In my first year of attempting to be 100% my binges almost always led me to discover that the object of my desire was a non raw item. Tahini, Nori, Olives and yes even Dried Fruit. You can get dried fruit that is raw but it is very rare. Dried fruit is often cooked twice. Many times it is blanched first, then also dried at temps above 110f.

    If the dried fruit you are eating is not raw than this will explain 2 things. 1.The Obsession 2.The little “pooch”. An easy experiment would be to dry some of the same fruit yourself, ensuring to keep it below 110f and see if the obsession and “pooch” improves.

    Also after a month or so of being 100% Purely Raw my cooked food cravings went away for good. Being able to be raw and crave nothing else is amazing. It’s well worth the effort I put into investigating all my food items.

  • speaking of the pooch, if one is generally ‘normal’ in body mass, with the exception of the pooch, what could be causing it? i do not eat THAT much dried fruit or nori or olives, but the pooch refuses to move on!!!

    Would a fast do something? Am i destined to be poochful all my days?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    When I complain about my ‘pooch’ and my husband tells me that is the natural and normal shape for a woman’s body. So I thought about it and I have to agree with him. We are fed these images by the media of flat stomached women who just aren’t natural. The models all look like they are hard bodies and very muscular these days, or anorexic, depending on whether you are looking at mainstream stuff or ‘high’ fashion. I don’t do 100 sit ups a day, or starve myself, and I never intend to. Love your curves!

  • To all beautiful people, My partner is a personal trainer and quite fit. Her advice for someone who doesn’t like the “pooch” or any other part is to put glitter on it and lovelovelove it!-alla

  • i think the people on this site are so wonderful. thanks for the positive, helpful comments everyone.

  • I personally am frustrated because I have been eating totally healthy for at least 6 weeks and have only lost 3 pounds. My problem area is the hips. They say for that pooch to lay flat on your back and lift your legs off the floor about 6 inches and hold..repeat this numerous times..but, I agree with everyone else..Love yourself as is

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hips are sexy. I love having hips. They make me curvy. I haven’t had a pooch before but I know if it isn’t common for you to have one then it is the high sugar content unless you have a beer belly then it’s the beer.lol If it is normal for you then it’s genetics. The exercise that tlrosback mentioned is a good work out for that area.

  • well, for some reason i’ve begun to eat lots of dates throughout the day.. but mainly at night. i’m going on my third week of raw.. does anyone have an idea why i’d be getting all ravenous now of all times? i was surprisingly fine the first couple of weeks.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    maybe you need to eat more? I went through periods of eating ALOT during transitioning, it felt like my body needed to gorge to rebuild itself. And as I was eating nutrient rich food for the first time it wanted to make the most of it! If you’re 100% then everything you eat is giving your body nutrients, so how much is not really a problem. Maybe you need more fat in your diet? make a pudding or cake with the dates. Don’t leave yourself hungry but to go with it, eat a large variety and as much as you want. It will change at some point and you’ll be satisfied with an apple. I think it is important to give your body what it wants.

  • mango woman, I am going through something similar. Did you maybe have a slip up that your body is dealing with now? I have been raw for 4 months now with no problems, and suddenly am a beast in the kitchen. I am eating a ton and have cravings for the first time since going raw. I can pinpoint it to one evening when I had a fall-off-the-wagon moment and ate a piece of my boyfriends freshly baked pizza. After that my body became a freak for food. I am slowly getting it under control, but I think it was that that did it to me. But hey, whats wrong with dates? Go for it, listen to your body. If you need more calories, get them in there the good way (not the pizza way:()

  • well thank you both for your replies..

    juleskess.. i have been ‘on the wagon’ the whole time.. which surprises me each day. I was a vegan before going raw so there are many foods that do not appeal to me. The only thing i can think of is sometime within the first couple days i had some coffee, and i’m using up the very last of some lemon juice which is unfortunately pasteurized [it’s in a glass bottle.] those are the only things! I still have the cravings.. but today i made a blended soup which could have been much yummier, but i still felt satisfied at the end. so that’s good. i guess i haven’t been giving myself enough of a variety. I will start making each meal different. hopefully that will help.

  • mango woman, have you read Shazzie’s blog? www.shazzie.com/raw/journal/2000/january.shtml She is very honest about her struggle. She has helped me a lot. -a

  • Another problem that I had with dried fruits (in my case it was pineapple) was that it caused my tooth to crack. The strong condensed acid and the hard texture contributed to this I am sure. I have since stopped eating dried fruits except for very rare occasions. I eat all the ripe fresh pineapple I want now and I don’t have any problems.

  • I’m thinking it’s safer to just dehydrate your own fruits, perhaps this will help with your bingeing? It seems as if there is a “catch” to everything we buy in the stores, even if it says raw on the package, I’m very frustrated.

    Plus, I suppose if you make it you may curb binges because you putting love and care into what you are putting in your body. You are also more concious of what you are eating. I defiently feel that part of raw eating is sending that positive energy into what we eat and into our foods.

  • I use to eat dried fruit, I totally stay away now! They make me gain weight.

  • huh maybe thats my problem eating to many dried foods i do make them my self but hmmm something to think about

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