Culinary Student Needs Help!

hello, everyone. i am a culinary student and doing a report for a nutrition class on the raw food diet. i was asked to bring in something for my class to try… i may or may not have access to a food processor, i have a blender, no dehydrator or anything…if you have any easy delicious recipes that may also be cost effective i’d super appreciate it. thank you, much!


  • Green smoothies all around!!! LOL j/k Hmmmmmmmm… so the only guaranteed equipment is a blender right? Hmmmmm

  • yes, um, i have been wanting a food processor for a long time…might b time to get it

  • They got some great deals on ebay. Especially on the 12 cup or so ones.

    So how big is your class, how many people are you looking to serve?

  • Are you allowed to prepare any of it there? Because green smoothies and raw ice creams are good but they dont travel well.

  • i was gonna say a pie or something of that nature, but if you have a large class you may need to make a couple pies. Can’t go wrong with a raw pie though!

  • i need to serve about 20…unfortunately, i cannot do any of it there and it’s an early morning class on saturday, so i’m looking for something i can make completely the night before or just assemble in the morning…something that can easily be served like an appetizer or dessert i think…

    thanks much

  • you could do a fruit salad, but thats not very unique to raw fooders…..oh you could make a chia seed gel, then top with fruits, nuts, and dates like this recipe…

  • i have been checking out the raw pies-they look delicious- know where i can get a springform pan?

  • Oh yea a pie is a great idea! I think i bought mine at target but they should have them at like bed bath beyond or somewhere like too

  • you can get springforms pretty much anywhere, even target or walmart, any kitchen store will carry them too.

  • thanks…you both rock!

  • okay so i’m thinking a crust made of pecans, walnuts, raw honey or agave nectar, sea salt, dates, vanilla extract (or bean), cinnamon, and orange zest

    then fill bottom w/ strawberries and add a mixture of banana, honey or agave, vanilla bean, and dates

    top with strawberries and orange slices

    sound good? too many ingredients? any adjustments?

  • So would this be like a tart then or are you shootin for a pie? The banana mixture… are you slicing the banana or mashing them??? If it’s gonna be a blended mixture I think it will be too runny and won’t hold. Also since bananas are pretty sweet you may not need both the agave and the dates. And maybe add a splash of lemon juice so the bananers don’t go brown!

  • The crust sounds good, but one popular and totally delicious filling would be a chocolate mousse-like mixture that is made from avocado, dates or agave nectar, and cocoa powder (Green & Blacks or Dagoba are my fav). There are a couple recipes on this site if you search under chocolate pie… I would top with a few carefully placed hazelnuts, and maybe some coconut… mmm

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    No dehydrator? Try carob, coconut macaroons! (You can get raw carob and coconut from ...well, that’s the most convenient place I get them from. I’m sure there are are other no-appliance needed recipes, I think if you click the Electricity Free tag, you’ll find some.

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