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100% raw challenge!



  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    thanks, angie. any tried and true fav green drinks to suggest?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    heartshapedsky – My usual favorite is: 1 cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, 2 or 3 leaves of kale, one-third of a bunch of parsley &/or cilantro, with half a lime & a one-inch (or less) piece of ginger for flavor. This is enough for one glassful, but if you are trying to cleanse, I have done a much bigger batch and then drink it a cup or so at a time all day & just eat less solid food that day. For about a half-gallon of juice I use: 1 pound of greens (combo of kale, romaine, parsley, cilantro, etc.), 5 stalks of celery, 6 cucumbers, & 1 optional lemon. That is what works for me lately. You can also use collard greens, spinach, etc. Colonics or a major cleanse of some kind works for some people, but Gabriel Cousens recommends green juice feasting – a gallon or more of green juice per day with no solid foods and supplements like chlorella, spirulina & a product he sells called Natural Cellular Defense to pull out heavy metals, pesticides, etc. He recommends doing this for 30 – 92 days & says it helps avoid a lot of the painful/awful detox symptoms people often experience when beginning to eat raw. I figure that whatever I can do is better than nothing, but when I can afford it, I will definitely be juice feasting like he recommends. A little at a time will have to do for now; cucumbers are $2 each right now, & I figure I would need 15 or so a day in addition to the other ingredients, not to mention all the supplements. Spirulina is a good way to alkalize, too. You can get it usually in capsules to take, or powder that you can mix in your green drinks. Good luck!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Oh, & I really like the drinks with even more dark leafy greens, but not everyone likes them as green as I do. Experiment, I guess.

  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    thanks again angie!

  • You can count on me too, as I just joined this community because of this thread! I’m on day 13 of switching to mostly raw and vegan, but stress has been a bit of a deterrent lately. Sure, that vegan pizza was good – but made me feel heavy and grossish. Bleck.

    So, anyways, I’m so in! Now I’m off to educate myself on this ominous sounding “dead list” before tomorrow!

  • JDJD

    I just read this and would love to do it. Just one thing, since I wasn’t aware till now, I put raisins in my salad sooo…I will have to start tomorrow. I too will definitely have to educate myself on the dead list because I didn’t even realize raisins had to be out of the picture…I love raisins :(

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    pundee – It seems like a lot of people don’t like/feel good eating dried fruit, but most of it is “dead.” The Raw Choice sells dried fruits that are still raw, & I think they are all organic.

  • JDJD

    Thanks Angie, I will check it out. Funny how everyone reacts differently. I love eating raisins and feel great.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Hi everyone! It’s Monday, the first day of our 100% raw week!!We are going to face some challenges I think, today being St. Patties day and this coming weekend Easter!

    I have now been invited for lunch good Friday to my in laws house (ukrainian folks) But I plan on hanging tough! I will bring my own food! My mother in law is fine with that. My husbands cousin is coming too with his girlfriend and they don’t know I am raw. This should be interesting!

    Easter dinner at my folks will be fine. They are quite cool with my choice and health fanatics themselves!

    So today, I have a craving for leek and potato soup that an Irish pub down the street serves! We are meeting a friend there later. AAARGGG! I think I need help guys. Yell at me or something!

    ps. I really hate raisins. LOOOOOOOVE medjool dates tho.!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Luna blu – why should we yell at you? Friendship/encouragement goes a lot farther. Maybe you could make a raw soup with fresh leek, garlic & pinenuts (or avocado – green soup for St. Patties Day?)to make it creamy. Add sea salt & water & blend? Then take it with you! That sounds so good that I want to buy some leeks now & make it for MY lunch! My mouth started watering as I was typing :)

  • Happy St. Rawtricks Day! Heh.

    Luna, I would maybe try and make a raw version of this soup. Maybe blend leeks, cauliflower, water and spices? Not so sure about the taters – as far as I know, they don’t taste so tasty when raw.

    Good luck, everyone! Stay strong, and stay raw!

    P.S. – It seems Angie and I had the same advice at the same time. Let’s all eat green soup! I just had an avocado, banana and date smoothie – and in hindsight, it was that same mint green they tinted out milk on this day back in middle school…

  • Good luck everyone. We are all here for each other.

    I do best when I visualize eating raw food no matter where I am. So Luna blu, you could visualize eating your homemade raw soup or a salad while sitting with friends at the pub.

    For example, I have to go to 2 conferences in Europe this spring and I am already visualizing what to eat, where to get food, being peaceful when people ask me about what I am eating, etc.

    So let’s send good raw positive vibes to each other …

  • JDJD

    ewww Luna blu, I just looked at a medjool date…looks funky. I take it I can get them raw? How do they taste? Is there a little pit inside? I’ll give it a try. Obviously must replace the raisins :( Any other substitute anyone can think of?

    I’ll be on the bandwagon tomorrow!

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    I completely forgot about St Paddy’s Day and my yearly plan to meet my hubby and friends at an Irish pub for lunch. But I already told hubby that I will stop in on my lunch hour to say “hi” but will not “partake.” I don’t even want to! After sliding a little lately, I went back to 100% raw on Sat. and already feel so much better.

  • angie, i feel honoured to introduce you to kale chips, as they have become a staple in my life. honestly the best tasting food i have ever put in my mouth (which i find amusing actually, since they are all veggie!). Here’s the link:


    i found them first on rawfoodtalk, but then realized they were here too. i usually cut down the tahini to reduce the calories/fat, but they still taste awesome. the texture is what does it for me! enjoy!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Luna blu. how was your ordering experience with real Raw Food? thought I’d make sure your stuff arrived OK before I placed my order.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Pundee, I can get them now from Real Raw Foods. If you get really moist fresh ones, I think they sometimes taste almost like caramel or something. Way sweeter than raisens. But you know, to each their own, you may not like them. Weirdo! That’s a JOKE! ;) I have taken a few medjool dates in the past, and put them on the bed, and in an angry voice called my husband to see what the cat ‘did’ on the bed! Then I proceeded to eat one! Ha ha ha! Sort of a Caddy Shack, choco. bar floating in the pool sort of joke! So in other words, who cares what they look like!!!

    Izhpt, Dealing with them was nice. Really nice people. They are in B.C. so my order will probably take about 4 to 5 business day. I am hoping it arrives on Thurs!! :)

    angie, well, I really didn’t want you to yell in a mean way! i will try some sort of soupy thing. I like the idea of blending in the cauliflower, I think that would give it the same texture as the dead, albeit yummy, version! Thanks! :) oxo

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    This is great inspiration, ya’ll. I’m on vacation, and I’m exposed to more cooked food than normal – it’s tough. But I keep coming back to the forum and remembering all of the wonderful benefits of eating raw, and I find a new recipe to try and i’m right back on the rawagon.

    Medjool dates are great with a walnut tucked inside. I like to keep my dates refridgerated, and pull out the pit and replace it with a walnut for a handy cool snack.

  • Im still waiting for my dehydrator… its been 11 days.. I think Im going to ask for my money back. Why cant they just sell them a Target. They sell tons of crap there… I ask what about us? :) Sorry I tend to rant. anywhoo Glad to here everyone is doing well… I have suck to it today and the kids joined me… I feel great!

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    Day 1 of 100% Raw is half over for me. So far so good! The only real problem I have is that a new Starbucks opened beside my house and it is really hard to resist their Grande Zen tea! So far I have managed to stick to green smoothies and cucumbers! I also pulled some sesame oil today for the first time…quite interesting. Onward and upward!

  • JDJD

    winona, the date thing sounds great. I will definitely give it a try.

  • Luna blu, the date = kitty dung is really funny … something i would do

    today was awesome, i ate a green smoothie with too many dates so i had some blood sugar issues in the morning. I took a nap and ate other snacks like onion bread and avocado and an apple. Then I had watercress soup for lunch followed by a big salad in the late afternoon. Then I made a chocolate shake with blue green algae, maca, cinnamon, cayenne, and nut milk. I just had another salad with dandelion, romaine, walnuts, sundried tomatoes, red onion. Dressing was olive oil and lemon with pepper and Herbamare.

    So that’s probably it for me tonight. I feel great, but I am sure I’ll start to detox in a few days …

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    Made it thru today. I never had a doubt. I was actually a designated driver. I drank GREEN smoothies in honor of St. Pat. Fun,fun,fun.

  • Today was great! I did go out and buy a Raw entree to make myself feel like I’d had a treat. I stayed really busy, so that helped. Sounds like a good Raw day was had by most. Congratulations!

  • That’s what I get for not reading yesterday. Count me in – I’ve been on a beet smoothie kick and too tired after work to fix a salad – so I just had a bowl of chex cereal. I’ll start fresh tomorrow.

    I ran my first 5K this weekend and I HURT - BUT I DID IT! If I can do that – Surely I can go Raw for 5 days.

  • I did great all day then I had a weird dizzy thing happen to me when I was laying down reading a book last night. I went and had two bagels w/cream cheese after that and a root beer!!! UGH! Anyway, I am focused today and so far have had a green smoothie :)

  • Good luck on Day 2 guys! (Or what ever day this is for you) I made a huge mango cole slaw last night to keep me on track today.

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    I’m good to go all day at work. I have green smoothies and salad. I get tempted at home, so to keep me “straight” I make sure I have a satisfying raw meal either ready to make, or waiting for me. Tonight it’s “lasagna” by Jennifer Cornbleet. It’s the easiest EVER in that catagory. I also think I’ll try the raw walnut brownie, also by Ms. Cornbleet. Good luck to all!

  • msrawdivamsrawdiva Raw Newbie

    hey…i’m with you, enjoyraw! i’ll start tomorrow, too (which is your day after tomorrow, lol

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I’m out already!!!! I’ve been 100% for days now and I made my daughter some vegan choc. chip cookies today. I totally forgot I was with you guys and I took a bite of the gluten-free vegan cookie!!!!! AAARGH! So sad :( It was just one bite, but at least i remembered half-way through the chewing process.

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