is this nut intolerance?

Dear all

Was just wondering if anyone could make sense of something weird that has happened to me a few times now…

I ate some lunch today, which was a couple of bananas, some blueberries and then a handful of almonds. Straight after finishing, I started to feel that my face was getting very warm and also I got a kind of “prickly” sensation. I suppose a bit like sunburn where you can feel your skin giving off heat and throbbing a bit. Looked in the mirror and my face was very red and blotchy. this lasted maybe 15 mins then seemed to go again.

This is the third time now I have had this kind of reaction. The other two were worse, in that I became VERY hot and was red and blotchy not just on my face, but also round my elbows, round my knees and round my armpits.

The first time it happened I had just eaten a bowl of muesli (before raw ha ha) rice flakes, soya milk and mixed nuts and dried fruit. I thought the soya milk must have been off. Then the second time it was coconut which set it off, again I just thought the coconut must have been off.

Now I’m wondering – is it nuts?

I eat nuts every day but I have only had this reaction several times.

BUT I have also noticed that once I start on the nuts, I have a REALLY hard time stopping and I get bad sugar cravings once I have finished with them…am sure I remember reading somewhere that if you have an intolerance to something you just want more and more of it.

Any ideas?

Don’t want to have problems with nuts because I like them! And they have lots of nutrients!

Thank you!



  • Do you have latex allergy?I’m guessing it is the banana.It has some of the same properties.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Does this happen when you have fruit by itself? Are your nuts soaked? My husband has a similar problem with raw unsoaked alomonds, but tolerates them soaked. try also having your nuts with your greens instead of your fruit. Have the fruit by itself in the am.

  • yes, unsoaked nuts have enzyme inhibitors that could cause that type of reaction, particularly almonds and walnuts. cashews & macadamia nuts not as much, and other nuts are in the middle.

  • Thanks for the useful responses :)

    Izhpt I don’t soak my nuts…could try that in the future. Have never had a reaction with fruit by itself, so I guess I will take your advice and stick to fruit only.

    All4Raw I don’t think the banana was the culprit as I eat tonnes of them!!! Don’t think I have a latex allergy, although I suspect I have a wheat and sugar intolerance judging by the way my nose streams afterwards.

    mandelicious That’s interesting about the different types of nuts…wow

    thank you…I will be avoiding nuts for the moment, I guess :(

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