Going on a water fast


I am going to water fast for a few days. Anyone else down for a fast of any type?

No expectations; just relaxing and letting go as much as possible. I would like to go at least four days; more if possible, but I will listen to my body. I’ve done several fasts in the past (one with water only for ten days) and since the weather is getting warmer I’m feeling like it again.

I’ll report back from time to time.


  • I have been on my water fast for 2 day now, I’ll be glad to make it a group effort.

  • I’m on hour 22 of my fast. And I’m dreaming of the worst foods ever!! This is SO hard! How are you guys hanging in?

  • Oh wow , this sounds horrible! Sounds like torture!! Good luck you guys! If I don’t eat I get horrendous migraines. I also get faint and dizzy and do things like pass out.

  • Well, I’m doing the master cleanse. Not feeling too great at the minute.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I did a seven day water fast about 6 years ago. It went pretty well, and overall it was a comfortable experience. If you read health books during the fast, maybe it will keep you motivated and inspired. Getting a lot of rest during the fast, listening to relaxing music, and avoiding stress as much as possible are all useful.

    A lot of raw food gurus seem to recommend a juice feast/fast over water fasting, so I’m interested to hear what other folks on the goneraw think about this. :)

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