Hi everyone.

I’m brand new to this – have been eating close to 100% raw for two weeks now. Prior to that I had the typical SAD with lots of meat and cheese and breads. I’ve been feeling a couple things for a while before going raw;

1. the bad feeling in my tummy after most meals; 2. not being satisfied nutritionally; 3. being tired, lethargic; 4. being unhappy in my skin,

Last year I competed in a half Ironman triathlon (Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles, Run 13.1 miles – or for my fellow canadians 2K swim, 90K bike, 21K run) and my body after all the training did not change the way I expected it to from 12 hours/week of intense cardio training. I’ve pretty much given up on being below 165 on my 5’5 framed body but now wonder if I am not storing lots of bad stuff together with all the fat and won’t let go of it until I start eating like I should be eating (which I’m starting to feel is REALLY RAW!).

I am loving all the foods I can eat. I bought a juicer, and yesterday a food processor. Next is the dehydrator. I just made a nice carrot, tomato and beet juice and snacked on raw beets while making it. Yum!

I hate to admit I havent given up coffee yet. Any ideas? Do I have to do that cold turkey…. aiieeee….

And I am having troubles determining if things are really raw – especially nuts which I’d like to eat more of (have cashew and pistachio cravings). Even at the organic food store the labels don’t generally say if the nuts have been roasted/pasturized/boiled. Any tips on finding really raw nuts?

Anyway, I’ve been reading around here for the past couple of weeks and I’m excited about my raw adventure…



  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome and kudos for choosing a raw lifestyle! Chris and Zoe’s website, has a dead food list that is very helpful in determining what is really raw. I still have a few things to use up at my house before I can be 100%, stuff I thought was raw but have come to find out is not. Thankfully that is the only stuff I am using still, and it is still better than the SAD stuff I used to eat! I haven’t given up coffee 100% yet either, but I am down to maybe 2-3 cups a week from 2-3 cups a day- yeah! Yesterday I was craving coffee really bad, so instead I made some Tahini mylk with cocao in it, and that helped alot. I know that cocao is controversial and may not be truly raw, but mine is from David Wolfe’s site, and I am hoping that it is. I had bought the largest container ( 30 dollars!) before I knew it may not be raw (though it says it is not heated above 104 degrees), but I just can’t throw away 30 dollars worth of stuff! Anyway, off on a tangent….the choco tahini mylk took away the craving for coffe for me, so you may want to try that as a “transition food”. All I did to make it was put 1 Tbs raw tahini (easy to make yourself with recipes you can find on line), 3 cups of water, and 1 Tbs cocao in a blender and blend until thoroughly mixed. I warmed mine up a little in my dehydrator, but that of course is not necessary.

    O.k., well I guess that was a pretty long hello…LOL!


  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Wow rawfi, Congrats on the big food change. It’s so easy when you know you’re right about something, but you are brave for the total quick change. As far as coffee. I say cold turkey. I will promise you no more than 10 days of missing it, no matter what, and then you’ll have more energy without it, than with it. My wife did not miss it a single day, but she beliveve that was because she had been 98% Raw for a year or so when she went cold turkey off coffee.

    Here is 2 links concerning Raw Nuts…

    Welcome to Raw!

    Lovebows, Chris

  • Welcome! I have ordered from rawfromthefarm and was very pleased. Reasonable prices/fast shipping. .

  • welcome!! coffeee is the biggest thing keeping me from fully going %100. One thing I have noticed is that I have more and more energy on the raw diet and want the coffee less as time passes. Also, the two biggest times I crave coffee are first thing in the morning and then after work. Now I make a super green smoothie at these times and find that it’s really helping.

  • Thank you for the great welcome everyone :)

    I’m going to set a date for the coffee experiment and go cold turkey.

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