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PMS Foods?

Anyone know of any helpful foods or herbs for PMS symptoms? (Besides chocolate, unless you can direct me to something raw!) I really don’t want to rely on the old painkiller standby anymore.


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    www.sunfood.com – Raw chocolate! I never have PMS symptoms when I get enough of that, but every other brand I have tried just gives me gas & indigestion and I still get PMS. I buy the powder, and I use it in drinks, pudding, pies, brownies, etc. Some people don’t do well with raw chocolate (I don’t know what brands they have used), but it is a lifesaver for me. Last period, I had bought a cheaper brand of chocolate, and I remembered why people use drugs (painkillers)! :)

  • I did some research. Foods high in magnesium help RELAX crampy muscles. Eat those leafies!

  • Heh thanks I find when I’m near PMS is when my 25% not rawness comes up and is hard to control. I try raw chocolate and making green but yummy smoothies around the clock but still am slipping a bit but I’m getting better… I think.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Valerian is a calming herb for irritability and mood swings. I do go a little crazy every month. I forget things, get confused over the simplest tasks and I even drove into a lamppost once! I find yoga really helps me, when I don’t do it I really feel the difference ever month. I belive it balances out our hormonal system.

  • Yoga does do amazing work for cramps! Meditation also helps me when I’ve realized I’ve been moody all day. I have certain yoga movements for certain times, to start the day, end the day/help me sleep, PMS, sick and so on. I don’t know where I would be with out yoga today.

  • hot pack over where you feel cramps! Last time I had bad cramps, I hopped on my spin bike and did a cycle workout. Didn’t really want to at first, but about half way through, realized my cramps were GONE!!! So even though it seems like torture, workout, it helps!

  • I second increasing the greens and soothing soups coming up to that time. And, regular gentle and enjoyable exercise, yoga etc.

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