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Diagnosed with Candida - Help



  • littlegemslittlegems Raw Newbie

    I did the Candida Spit Test! http://www.adhdrelief.com/CandidaTest.html

    I failed miserably… my spit settled into a cloudy mess at the bottom of the cup within minutes! sigh.

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    littlegems, i have seen the spit test method online, but did you have any symptoms to prompt you to do the spit test?

  • littlegemslittlegems Raw Newbie

    yes. yeast infections every month, bloating, gas, tired… but mostly the yeast infections, so I new I had a problem… but I guess I needed to see the proof. :(

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    i am sorry to hear it, littlegems, but I am sure with the right approach you will be able to overcome it soon :) I am confused as to whether or not the high fruit/low fat approach is better than cutting out all fruits though.

  • littlegemslittlegems Raw Newbie

    I know, it is confusing. I’m worried about getting enough protein if I go low fat, because that would mean no nuts, avocados, etc. ???? I can’t eat sprouted beans, they are way too gassy for me. is there enough protein in veggies?

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    I would be concerned about the protein factor as well. Maybe you could try supplementing. I am pretty sure that bee pollen is a good protein source (unless you are strict vegan). You could also try including more sea vegetables for protein. I am still confused about how much protein human beings actually need. It must vary a little from person to person, but there is a lot of conflicting info. out there.

  • germin8…...well….the point is that higher fat levels and fruit will cause the candida to bloom…..so, even if you cure it and resume this combination , it will return

    this is why i say you have to make the choice between fat and fruit for the long term….david wolfe, brian clement and gabriel cousens will tell you to avoid fruit….indefinately….as they believe and preach that fruit is the enemy

    go with you rinstinct…i know what i believe but i’m fed up of arguing with people about others philosophies

    doug graham reckons you that candida blooms will die off , if not fed, within days…remember that candida is a natural and necessary phenomena in the body…it’s the excess that we want to avoid

    there seems to be a thread here for a candida support group….these types of groups tend to ‘support’ candida in a positive way…..ie. every method that seems to be employed supports the excess growth of candida….what use is a support group when candida can be cured within a fe days or , at most, weeks

    hope this helps


    sugar aint the enemy

  • here’s a post from a friend of mine in response to a very ‘female’ candida-related problem

    his name is adam greer and i asked for his permission to quote him ‘in full’

    hope it helps


    “Treating candida topically is simply treating the symptom. If candida is present, and especially if it is recurrent, it is your body telling you something is wrong…or more specifically, you are doing something that it does not like.

    Candida is a useful organism to have around in the body. It only becomes a problem when it starts to proliferate in your system. When it gets to the point where it is noticable, vaginally. This is saying there is definate proliferation going on.

    The body allows candida to reside in it, ordinarily as a lifesaving mechanism. If your blood sugar levels ever become too high, and insulin cannot meet its demands, or the insulin cannot do its job properly for some reason, candida and other organisms will feed off this sugar to reduce blood sugar levels. If this did not happen you could have a very serious situation; in the worst case, coma and death.

    There are several primary causes of candida proliferation:

    1) Imbalanced bacteria levels in your intestines. 2) Impaired immunity, usually related to (1) and (3) 3) Adrenal stress, usually due to both emotional stress, and blood sugar imbalance.

    Let me explain number 3 a little more. When you consume too much fat, it tends to stick around in your blood stream way longer than it should do. This can be anywhere upto 24 hours. This can block insulin receptors in cells and prevent insulin from being able to take blood sugar into cells. This means that when you ingest sugar, either from refined sources, such as sugar, honey, syrups, juices, or from fruit or dried fruit, blood sugar becomes too elevated. So the pancreas secretes insulin to take sugar into the cells. When this latter part doesnt happen the body goes’ “Oh shit, produce more insulin”. So the body tells the adrenals to produce adrenaline and cortisol, two stress hormones to kickstart the pancreas into working in overtime, thinking that more insulin is needed to get the blood sugar levels down. It keeps on doing this until the levels eventually go down to safe levels. If this happens just once in a blue moon, the body can handle it. The problem is that most people consistently consume high sugar high fat diets. Whether they eat raw or cooked. It can actually be even worse on a raw diet, due to all the nuts and oils consumed by many people, plus juices, fruits and concentrated dried fruits.

    So people say, Oh cut the sugar out, that will sort out candida/diabetes. Heres the reason why thats flawed: whether you eat proteins, fats, complex carbs, refined (fibreless or waterless) carbs, or simple whole fruit carbs, if the body is to use it for fuel, it will convert it to glucose, because that is the only form it can use for fuel. We are a sugar fuelled organism. So cutting out sugar wont make any difference because your body will still be getting sugar from a high fat diet. Its just it will stress the adrenals even more trying to sort it out. This is why candida typically takes so long to get rid of by cutting out sugar, and why you need to use tonnes of different herbs etc.

    But heres the thing, if you stop eating too much fat, your insulin receptors wont get blocked up, and so it will be able to get sugar into the cells, and so the candida wont have any excess sugar to feed off, and so it will start to reduce in numbers, very quickly. Usually within 2-6 weeks. Much quicker than on the so called candida diet.

    Eating fruit (as long as its not dried or juiced) is easy to digest and will support your adrenals. It will also quickly replenish your intestinal bacteria, since fruit is high in Fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) which is what those friendly bacteria feed off. This will in turn support your immune system, since 80% of your immune system is in your intestines and is dependant on balanced bacteria levels. Its usually a good idea to eliminate fats entirely for 2 weeks and eat soley of fruits and greens.

    Thereafter, its a good idea to use something like nutritiondata.com or nutridiary.com to work out your individual caloric requirements, based on your body statistics and activity levels, and record your diet and exercise levels for a week or 2, so you can work out if you’re getting enough food, and what % of calories you are getting from fat. Aim for ideally no higher than 10%, after your initial two weeks without overt fats.”

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Awesome… thanks for the info. I have not been told I have candida… but I wonder with all the sugar I eat. :o) So, I like to be informed about this kind of thing.

    Thanks, el-bo. And thanks to Adam too.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    I personally prefer the low fat way.

    Breast milk has 3-5% protein and babies double in size. Bananas also have that amount, so there's really not anything to worry about.

  • gorawmom---can you refrain from calling asians "the oriental people"?

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    I caught that too... many people are apparently ignorant to the fact that "the orient" was the term that referred to Asians during periods of racism. Probably an honest mistake.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Asian refers to people. Oriental refers to things (rugs/ whatever).

    peace & love, m

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    autumnides, zinfandel, & gratefultobe~

    Thank you for having the courage to bring to our attention a reference/use of a word that might be commonly used but whose use in a particular context is viewed as offensive/disempowering. I for one didn't know the use of "oriental" in that context is considered offensive. I am always amazed when I learn a concept/word that is in common usage has a disempowering history that has generally been long forgotten... That type of education really makes a difference in creating a vocabulary that empowers both the speaker and the listener. :)

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    I think one great way to test out the fruit fat thing is to go on a green smoothie/soup and juice diet for 3-7 days and see how you feel. Not only will you limit your intake of salt but you will eat very little fat unless you choose to add avocado at times to your smoothies. I have done short stints of this and always feel great. I have also gone the high fat route and though thats what I had done for longer periods of time in the past I feel better with the small quantities of fat approach. I am trying to move my diet more and more in this direction.

    There is a raw naturopath nutritionist here in Austin where I live and she does group online green smoothie cleanses. You can go to her site to participate and she gives you recipes and loads of help. Her name is Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and her website is www.freshandfunliving.com

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I don't know if this will help or not but I had Candida issues also - for about a year. I finally began doing a detox program through a message therapist and realized that Candida craves and grows off of certain foods. For me, it was Peanut Butter. I would sit and eat peanut butter by the spoon. I never realized peanuts were making the situation worse, but they were. Restrict all sugars - that really helped me. I did something like the Master Cleanse (this was before I had even heard of the master cleanse or raw foods). It was a system by M'Lis and it was not cheap. The master cleanse should really help.

  • I haven't read through the entirety of this post (I'm ADD due to Candida; please forgive me) but gathered that folks are pretty much divided on the Candida: Fat or Sugar? issue. I'm not an expert, but I'll go ahead and mention what I've found/experienced/read.

    I can eat as much fat as I want and have nary a problem--though I don't overdo it--be it in the form of oils, nuts, avocado, etc. (I cannot, however, eat animal protein, but that isn't necessarily applicable on this website, I should think). Fat doesn't bother me for a second. But the moment I eat a little too much fruit (and by a little, I'm talking 1-3 servings spaced out over a whole day), I'm in agony. I suppose it could be argued that it's because of the sugar/fat combination, but I only eat sugar (aka fruit) alone. On a rare occasion, I'll have it with something else, but it's never high in fat. So, I'd like to think that the fat isn't an issue. That being said, I'm not implying it may not be for some people, but it's not for me. I recall my first day going raw (I only ate vegetables and nuts that day) and the next morning, I woke without an ounce of phlegm in my throat. So, in my case, I truly believe it's the sugar.

    I recall seeing something about going off of a no-sugar/fruit diet and having symptoms return, but I'm going to go against that based on theory. Candida tends to become a problem when the beneficial bacteria in the gut is thrown into imbalance and overrun by bad bacteria and yeast. So, if one were to correct the imbalance of flora, theoretically, it shouldn't be a reoccuring problem (assuming, of course, one isn't consuming strictly sugar). Candida is present in everyone's bodies, it's just a matter of in what amount, so if the average healthy person (with healthy gut flora balance) were to consume fruit, it wouldn't bother them. Someone like me, however, who has been on antibiotics monthly since she was born, would have a big problem with it, and I do. There's a book called Colon Flora: The Missing Link in Immunity, Health, and Longevity by David Webster that I've been reading and it's quite interesting. I'll warn you hardcore raw foodies in advance, though, that he does knock on raw grains and, if I remember correctly, advocates animal protein, but I'm focusing solely on the issues directly related to the gut's workings, not what's put in the gullet. I believe the proper bacterial balance is key. It states that in regards to systemic candidiasis, the candida must be killed systemically in conjunction with the proper gut flora being reestablished.

    And while I'm on the subject of gut flora, does anyone know about the connection between it and B12? I recall seeing a thread on here awhile back and then googled and found a bit about it. There was mention of B12 being utilized/assimilated by the good bacteria in the stomach, so it occurred to me that perhaps that's a reason so many folks (vegans and carnivores alike!) are B12 deficient, since so many people's conventional diets and 'health care' (aka harmful 'suppressant' therapies) blow their flora out of whack. Any thoughts?

    Anyway, this is just my two cents. I'm no medical professional. Feel free to discount or debate. I'm trying to keep my candida in line just like the rest of you!

    Oh, and one more thing: does anyone else ever randomly smell or taste mold due to candida? Or am I alone in this boat?

  • i've seen so much written about candida and i've tried everything so i know what works and what doesn't. Before I went raw I didn't know what a candida overgrowth was. when i switched to raw (gourmet raw that is) I learned first hand what it was. After I looked on this forum for candida advice i realized that many raw fooders on this website struggle with it too. i thought wow, that's weird, these people eat so healthy why are there so many people on this site with candida overgrowth? i know a lot of people that eat SAD but none of them struggle with candida overgrowth...weird.

    anyways, after looking though all the forums i decided to try the body ecology diet. it made sense, since i had been brainwashed to think that fruit sugar is bad for your health. i tried it for a month. i sincerely regret it. my candida symptoms were worse, i felt so deprived. since i had cut out all fruit sugars, i had intense cravings for sweets and complex carbs like potatoes. the diet obviously wasn't working and my relationships were starting to suffer because of my irritability from the candida overgrowth. i had once lashed out at my boyfriend because he was trying to help me and wouldn't let me order dessert one night. the candida had really taken over.

    i was desperate. i had seen some comments on this forum about the 811 diet and completely ignored it before because i was afraid of fruit sugar (thanks body ecology diet and ph miracle for brainwashing me). since nothing else was working i decided to get some more information on this 811 diet. i dove in and started the diet right away. eating 100% raw, vegan, low-fat, nothing but fruit and greens all day. i was a little scared, but i embraced the diet. i was so in love with fruit and had missed it so much.

    i had struggled with candida for 3 months trying everything imaginable. after 2 days on the 811 diet my symptoms went away, for good. i had energy. my sweet cravings went away. my skin cleared. my yeast infection was gone...and now i am the happiest and healthiest i have ever been in my life. i am still doing the diet and loving it.

    so now i know, fruit sugar is not the culprit! fat is! everyone that is giving advice about not eating sugar is still struggling with candida! how can you say that giving up fruit helps if you haven't cured it your candida yet? anyone that makes kefir or anything cultured knows that sugar is what feeds the bacteria. you know that if you don't give the kefir cultures some sugar they will die. what do you think you are doing to your good bacteria when you starve it of fruit sugar? your good bacteria starves! quit eating oils, nuts and seeds, and overt fats and start eating sweet juicy fruit! you and your body will love it!

  • adrienncadriennc Raw Newbie
    cavegal said:

    My 17 yr old daughter had been a vegetarian for 2 years. Last year she had surgery that required a lot of antibiotics. Since then she has felt sluggish, bloated and a lot of abdominal pain. She has been diagnosed with candida and was told to follow a strict diet that included meat and eggs. She doesn’t like the meat part at all and has been feeling really tired. Is there a better approach to getting rid of the candida? How long does it take?

     Not sure how old this blog is, I don't see any dates, but... best for curing candida: purchase Candex (get the large bottle 120 capsules from Vitacost or amazon, it's less expensive than Wholefoods) also purchase a bottle of Metamucil. This combination was recommended to me at Wholefoods by a sales person while I was reading labels of candida products and it worked! The secret is that you take 2 Candex in the morning along with a dose of Metamucil, then drink an additional large glass of water. Candex collects candida and Metamucil with the water will wash it out of your system (you will be surprised of what comes out. When you see your stool floating on top of the water in the toilet, and it is a long connected thin line with hard balls on it, that's the candida leaving your body). Google images of candida stool, it's gross, but at least you will be familiar with it.

    Drink plenty of water during the day. I did not follow any sort of strict diet and I didn't crave any sweets after a while either since this product combo started working. Also Metamucil and water will fill you up, so you will not be so hungry. In case you are worried that metamucil has sugar in it, read the labels and find the one without sugar.

    Before going to sleep take 2 more Candex capsules, but do not drink Metamucil at bedtime! You could choke while sleeping, it will dry your throat out. (Do not lie down with metamucil in you, it has to go through your body).

    Next morning start your day again with 2 capsules of Candex and Metamucil in a glass of water plus an additional glass of water. Then more water during the day. Continue at least for a week, until you see and feel no symptoms of Candida. No longer than 30 days. 

    You cannot get rid of Candida 100%, it lives in our system, but sometimes it overgrows. Candex has enzymes to help digestion.

    Bucha Belly
  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Probiotics! There are some fermented sources like kombucha that are vegan. 

    Bucha Belly
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