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Hello there- I am new to the website but have been interested in healthy living for as long as I can remember. I have always been interested in helping people, and when deciding my career path when scheduling classes for freshman year this fall I wanted to take the pre-med path. However, I have absolutely no interest or belief in western medicine. My belief in eastern medicine being superior, I have this simple question to ask anyone who reads this: are any of you familiar with reputable holistic universities? I am more interested in a campus atmosphere, but if there are any online schools that offer a thorough education parallel to that of a campus education, I’d be willing to look into those. Any replies to this post will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton. emily


  • hey greenfish. I’m right there with you! I am a premed student and majoring in nutrition. I am planning on furthering my education after college and going to a naturopathic college to become a naturopathic Dr. (or something like that) I have always loved learning about the alternative medicine field, but for right now the pre-med and nutrution education seems to allow me to get the proper ground work knowledge and then I’ll get to learn about the fun stuff later!

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    Bastyr University in Seattle/ Bothel Washington (state). They have a FANTASTIC program with many holistic “professions” to choose from. Also, Southwest Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona is another great one. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks so much ladies! It’s so great to know the field of holistics is expanding at such a drastic rate! So hopefully by the time I’m ready to transfer to such an institution there will be more choices. Makes since that there would be one in Arizona- mecca of Raw Spirit Festival. I’ll definitely check into that one. Peace and Love- emily

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    Hello there!  Obviously i am a little late to the discussion.  I would love to get some feed back on how things worked out for everyone at their selected schools.  I am also in the process of pursuing my holistic nutrition/healing/functional medicine degree.  I also would prefer the classroom setting over online program.  I am looking very seriously at The National School of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. They now offer a degree completion program to receive your BS in nutrition and BS in integrative health science. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!  

    Lots of love-Melisa

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    Although I am not from the USA, I have the impression that the medical establishment had a fairly strong hold on the 'alternative' medical scene there.  I am more used to the UK where we have many different options and therapies available. In Switzerland for example, you can buy homeopathic medicine over the counter at pharmacies and doctors will often prescribe this over allopathic medicine. So what health/healing career would someone who does a degree which is not medicine be allowed to persue?

    Maybe I have picked up completely the wrong idea but as someone looking in, it seems that in the US many 'fringe'/alternative therapies have been squashed and prosecuted out of existence.

    Now I am in China and my father-in-law is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and they are very highly though of here and have been for hundreds of years. Are there acupuncturists and TCM practitioners there in the USA for instance?

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    Definitely check out Bastyr Universtiy!

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