heeeeyyyy, there

i’m michele. i’m new to goneraw. i’m new to conscious raw eating.

but i’m not new to food or spontaneous, random raw eating. i was one of those kids who was always chomping on an apple or trying to smuggle bits of half-chewed meat out in her socks b/c she’d already filled up on carrots and kiwi before dinner, ha.

summer’s upon us and i am STOKED not just b/c i love the heat & sun but b/c the farmer’s market is back in the park 2 days a week and locally grown & organic produce is everywhere and almost cheap! since childhood, i’ve always ended up eating more raw, fresh produce in warm months or countries w/ warm climates—i’ve just decided to actually PLAN to do so & be conscious about it this summer.

b/c i’ve never made a deliberate point about it in the past, i don’t know if i’ve tended to be 30%, 40%, 50% raw in summertime or what, but i’m guessing i’ve hovered between 35-50% just spontaneously.

i’m hoping to be about 60-75% raw through june and then see how i feel about sticking with that or upping it for the remainder of the summer. and then at the end of the summer, i’ll see what i want to do about fall…

i’m thrilled to have found goneraw.com b/c i have so many questions (so many answered already in the forums, i see!) and am digging the recipe section so much. i’ve also been happy to find lots of other runners & athletes on here because i KNOW i’ll be having issues w/ diet & running (stepping up my mileage two years ago is part of what broke my 11-year vegetarian streak, actually. i had become a somewhat sloppy or unmotivated, uninspired vegetarian b/c i was stressed with work; running helped me deal with the stress, but my body didn’t appreciate the increase in my running mileage/intensity while having a lackluster, incomplete vegetarian diet! catch-22, health-wise!).

so. i’m starting out. i’m excited to be here & can’t wait to learn about healthful, conscious raw eating from all of you!


  • Hi from another newbie. I’m so excited about the recipes here, it’s such a fabulous resource and great to try something new each day. I think you’re right that Summer will make it easier on us.

    I’m hoping to find enough energy to be able to take up running to help with my weight loss but unlike yourself I’m not already a runner, although I once managed 5K!!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    sounds good. in summer it’s super easy to be raw. you might even challenge yourself to just eat raw for one whole day, and go back and forth between 60-75%... i did it for 2 weeks last summer and was amazed, and then i went back and forth a little until i felt ready to be 100% (i just woke up one morning and it was THE DAY to start being raw).

    it’s kind of like watching a child tie their shoes. you know if they don’t give up they are going to learn eventually. but THEY don’t know that yet.

    good luck!

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