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humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

Hey guys I had a question for you all. What do you eat the most of? fatty fruits, like avocados and nuts? or do you eat big quantities of fruits and veggies? I have come to understand that there are 3 ways of eating raw. Eating high quantities of fruit, eating high quantities fruit and a little veg, and high quantities of veg and fatty fruits and nuts. Then there is of course breatharian, but thats really not eating anything, or just consuming trace amount of calories. So which category would you place your self in?



  • I think I fall in the middle. I like fruit, and I don’t mind when we make cookies or breakfast bars out of fruits with some nuts. If I crave anything, it’s avocados. I tend to like fruit in the morning, and vegetables by the afternoon. But I’m not 100% raw at this point…

  • Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

    I lean heavy on fruits, then some veggies. I can do without nuts/seeds most of the time but I like to throw them in occasionally to give me some variety.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I often start the day with a green drink (kale, parsley, pear, banana or something similar). Lunch is a combo raw sandwich, soup and/or salad. Dinner a salad and a glass of red wine. Tea throughout the day. Sometimes, a hot vegan meal or dinner out changes the day a bit, so I cannot call myself 100% raw. How about you, humanimal?

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I am a a fruit guy, which explain my fairly constant energy. But sometimes either during the day or in the evening I eat a salad of mixed greens ans avocado. Some days I just go the whole day eating nothing but fruit. I dont eat that big of a breakfast. Maybe I will have 3-4 apples and a banana or some thing juicy like oranges. Lunch is probabaly my largest meal, and it consists of 8-10 bananas. Dinner, like I said, is either a large mixed greens with avocado and other veggies or non-sweet fruit(cuke,bell peppers, okra,etc.) My dressing on my salad is an acid fruit mixed with some kind of fat.If I dont eat that salad its just more fruit.

  • Anything made with nuts do it for me. I mean Of course I love fruits and veggies. But I’m over the top for nuts.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    i eat banana’s and maybe 10 almonds for breakfast.lunch is a veggie salad or raw soup.dinner tonite was cream of broccoli soup and raw carrot bread for dinner tonite. i like veggie and fruit soups.i lean toward alot of veggies and not too much avocada or nuts cause i am trying to loose weight.on gal told me that we need one avocado a day cause it has stuff in it to make us loose fat. i am too scared to try.

  • I typically go day by day. Sometimes my body will just want mostly fruit or mostly veggies. I’m curious to see where my body settles at once healing has completed. I was never big on grains or nuts but then again perhaps b/c of my symptoms etc.

  • I just listen to my body. Sometimes all it wants all day is fruit. Other times, veggies. Sometimes, just water and lemon. Then there are the days when I need raw cacao. :)

  • edited June 2016

    Hi there,

    I’ve been raw for nearly three years and I’ve tried all the different approaches that you mentioned. By far, I feel the best eating a high fruit, low fat diet. I have way more energy, enthusiasm, and better overall general health eating this way. If I eat too much fat I feel very sluggish and tired .

    All the best,


  • I drink a lot of veggie and fruit juice. Sometimes this is my main meal,just juice,but I have to have fruit because I crave sweet things.I make cake,ice cream with fruits,but also mix them up with nuts and seeds. Sometimes bread with nut butter. I dont know,I thing my main thing is the veggie juice.

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