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it seems a lot of you guys have more time than most to prepare raw foodz/meals/smoothies, etc. I was wondering, what you do for a living that brings in the income? With a full time job, it seems just really, really difficult to have the time to go home & quickly whip something up since there aren’t any fast food raw places [yet :P]


  • I’m an administrative nurse and raw food prep time management has been a challenge. At times I work 10-12 hr days sometimes 7 days a week. On Sunday I always make a big batch of hummus and flax crakers and sunflower bread. All of these last me all week and I add things like salsa, guac, green smoothies,almond fudge, fruit puddings and OJ to the mix. I would love the time to try more involved recipes but for now this works for me.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I work from home as a pediatric occupational therapist, doula, childbirth educator, and reiki practitioner. This allows me and my husband (who also works from home) to take care of our children without daycare, etc. So, sometimes I have more time than others to prep. food, but some days I don’t. I do alot of prep on the weekends for the week ahead. But, now that I have been raw for awhile now, I am starting to have a more simple diet and tend to just snack on fruits and veggies throughout the day which requires little to no prep.

    Spirit: I would LOVE that sunflower bread recipe. I still haven’t really found a bread that completely ‘hits the spot’ for me.

  • I’m a programmer but right now I am unemployed and living off some savings. Got to get another job soon as I am slowly running out of money. Lately, I have been home alot to prepare and fool around with recipes. But yes, you definatley need a decent income to afford the lavish ‘raw food life’. :)

  • I’m a College teacher,and a musician.

  • PamPam

    I am a consultant and I travel a fair amount, though it tends to be pretty sporadic. I live alone so my time is my own. My daughter is doing raw for herself and her son and she’s a preschool teacher making very little. But I help her a lot by sending some of the more expensive items. I am 100% but “cheat” some by freezing things like spicy taco meat, Spanish rice and nut burgers. Many evenings, though, I just whip up a smoothie or make a nori roll or two and call it a night. I don’t feel like I spend a lot of time but some of that is mindset. When I first went raw, it seemed more difficult. Now I’m much more relaxed about it and my level of anxiety is lower, therefore it feels like I don’t put much thought or time into it and, truthfully, I don’t think I do!

  • Spritedmama—I actually just changed the oinion bread recipe to better suit my taste. I leave out the oinion and the nama shoya and I add salt, honey ( just a bit ) and whatever else I feel like experimenting with. Honestly, I too am looking for a yummier recipe to ” hit the spot ”. If I find one, I’ll let you know.

  • I’m a statistical programmer for a clinical research organization. When money is tight (I have 6 other mouths to feed, a child in college, and 3 elderly vehicles that need frequent repairs), I try to stick with salad and fruits. Nuts and pre-prepared foods (Lara Bars, etc.) are fairly rare treats.

    Peace and Blessings, Suzy

  • I live with my husband,and both of us are musicians,and teachers. As you know gigs comes and goes,so we sometimes are wealthy and sometimes are poor.We have to have a very good balance,so we sprout a lot and we have now a small vegetable garden. This helps.

  • Kandace and I run a small web design studio out of the upstairs of our home, at present! Things might get a little harder when we move into our office proper, later this year. I’ll miss working at home!

  • You guys are awesome for replying. It’s really comforting to see that yes, you can survive and eat well in the type of society we live in. I live in northern Texas, and in my area there is no such thing as anything raw except going to the grocery store and making it yourself. People around here will actually look at you weird if you have a basket full of just veggies and fruits!

    Thankfully, I am now [as of last week] an employee of Whole Foods, woo! and definately will be able to grow more into eating so much more of what is excellent for me. Now, if only my location had that live foods bar just like the headquarters!

  • I am a massage therapist so I work 9-2 or 2-7 which gives me time to prep/put things in dehydrator. I’m getting better at making up recipes with things I have on hand, too. As long as I have at least a squash, some greens, brocolli or an avocado I can usually come up with something.

  • Im a senior associate at Readers Digest. Im also a full time student! I devote Saturday to meal prep. I have a ton of pyrex containers, and i usually make about 14 recipes or so, then i just stack the containers in my fridge. Not counting the soaking or dehydrating time, it usually takes me around 6 hours. When i get up to leave in the morning, i just fill my lunch bag with whatever looks good! I will admit, by fridays, the picking are kinda slim, but if bad comes to worse, i can always hit the salad bar here at work. :)

  • I’m a full-time writer at an ad agency. I think raw food takes less time to prepare than cooked. For instance, if I come home and I’m craving egg salad, I can whip up raw egg salad in under 15 minutes. Taking one day a week to make a bunch of staples can really help, too – prepare a number of salad type things for the week, if you use a dehydrator, make crackers, breads and pizza shells (they can all freeze). Also, following your body’s intuition becomes more and more easy on raw…sometimes when you come home you just want a huge salad or bowl of fruit. What I love about raw is that the cleanup is so much easier than cooked – no food sticking mercilessly to the pans. :)

  • Readers Digest is the best! I just got out of the military after 8 years so I am detoxing military life out of my system and enjoying being stateside while my husband works!

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