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help needed: tried everything



  • Are you familiar with essential oils? I work at Native American Nutritionals which is an essential oils company. I have had lots of experiences with people coming in that are complaining about pain in their back and else where. I gave them a bottle of are Sport Pro had them rub it on and with in a few mints I asked them how they felt. They said that they felt good and had hardly any pain. Essential oils are very powerful and have been used by healers for centuries. As we all know that plants are the cornerstone for a healthy body. (Sadly to say humans seam to try to get around them.) With that said you might want to check out Sport Pro or Relief. Relief is more powerful but cost more. If you call talk to Paul he is the owner and is very knowledgeable. Phone # is Toll Free 1-877-227-0938

    P.S. Just to tell you I believe he has best quality oils any company has and on top of that Paul is the fairest person I know.

    Also I have experienced that lot of back pain is caused by the feet (how you walk) and also how you sleep. If you have bad shoes or walk funny your feet with throw your back off. Are Confidence is a chiropractor in a bottle you might want to ask him about that one also.

    Best luck friend :-)

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    Chris and Zoe, i’m looking for the best form of psycho-therapy and rebirthing sounds really interesting from your description. Can you recommend someone in southern California? or the best thing would be to make a trip to Susan Yasoda? does it still work for a patient who isn’t as acquainted with the whole raw food/ energy work areas?

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Izhpt—I have tried physical therapy twice. Once with a guy who basically sucked. Then again with a woman who was really great. She was able to help me to a point. I basically cured all my muscle problems that were making the problem much much worse. The problem is that with nerves sometimes they get used to firing pain signals and then even though the problems that initially caused the pain are over, the nerves get into a pattern of firing. So I totally agree to physcial therapy, It saved me when I needed it but the nerve pain was still there. I have been doing more yoga lately which is amazing. Unfortunately, my husband has pain in his back too. He is religiously doing yoga each morning. So I believe in it and I would never suggest that anybody give up easily on all the wonderful benefits it has to offer. I just happen to be a “tough case”.

    My pain came back but not as bad this round. I am comforted also that I did not get any muscle side effects, just the burning nerve pain. I believe I kept the nerve pain off with yoga, exercise and the right diet and supplements. So I am hoping that this will keep the pain down to a more moderate level not severe like it has been in the past.

    Thanks everybody for the advice, I am exploring options with my insurance. Darn that lack of universal health care in the US.

  • I cured my back pain by following a yoga book by Richard Hittleman: 28 Day Exercise Plan. It’s out of print now I think, but you can still find used copies through Amazon or Ebay. I had a ruptured disc, diagnosed by an MRI scan. The neurologist said surgery was the only thing that would help. I said no. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t walk more than a few feet at a time. After one week on this yoga plan, the pain was almost gone. After two weeks, the pain was gone and never returned. Don’t worry that you feel you are in too much pain to start the program. Just start very slowly, as the book instructs. Please try it.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Kundalalita – it works for everyone! No matter what they are into or wat they believe/eat/think etc

    I’ll ask Chris about people in S.Cali, but Yasoda is worth the trip, she is an amazing woman, you won’t regret a single moment you spend in her de LIGHT full company.

  • Hi Bitt,

    I have a permanent misalignment in my body from a severe car accident years ago. Couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair, but I walk now..but get injured. However, I get lotss of help from a Bowen therapist. You might want to look into it. He relaxes my back and relieves pain like nothing else has. It’s called Bowen Therapy. It originated in Australia for rugby players etc. Your whole body relaxes during this therapy. I love it!

  • I know someone has already mentioned this, but I would also recommend looking into EFT at emofree.com. I’ve used it on everything from back pain and allergies to addictions (got my sister to give up soda!) and my husband had great success using it for anxiety/depression during sessions with a counselor. And it’s something you can start doing yourself right away easily for free! Check out this article for more info on back pain relief: http://www.emofree.com/articles.aspx?id=7

  • Though I do not know what type of back pain you have, I have had scoliosis of the spine my whole life and while eating raw did not help my back, physically strengthening my core muscles has done wonders. I did have to go beyond yoga though to work out my core. I always hated exercising because it aggravated my back so badly but once I got over the hump and did more core workouts at the gym with help from trainers there, I really started noticing improvements. I would seek out an expert’s recommendation for what exercises to do and which to avoid but often back pain and weak core muscles go hand in hand so maybe you could look into that. Energy work, particularly an emotional release, was my icing on the cake. Rarely do I wake up to back pain anymore and can stand or sit for long periods of time comfortably now.

    I hope everything works out! Keep us updated :)

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    “CIR-1976 – There is a brilliant woman in London who is raw and an excellent rebirther. Her name is Sheelagh Bissett 020 7263 5920 or 07986-697-819. She is hosting a 9 day training with Leonard in September which will be well worth going to as it will change your life.”

    yesssssss, I am going, going, going :), and going to see Sheelagh hopefully soooooooon!! can’t wait!

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