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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • i’m still a little new to the forum thang. how exactly will this one work? will each of us just post our daily log info, one person after another, here? or should we blog instead?

    oh-i got my book!

  • I am in as well! I also do not have the book yet but will try to pick it up tonight. I have been thinking I was going to do this on my own but wow- the support is gonna be so helpful for me. I work for a raw business but never have felt good on the high fat food and found the more simply I can do it the better. However, recently I have started eating some cooked and feel very off balance so I am ready to get into a new pattern. Thanks for doing this.


  • Yeah, what’s the deal? Should I post what I eat? What I weigh? I have a fridge full of awesome greens and fruits! Whee!


  • I kicked it off with a blog post at GiveittomeRaw and will probably update every week or so. Thanks again for encouraging the folks at VegSource to respond to my new thread, El—we seem to be a rare bunch, raw nursing moms, but hopefully people like Dr. Graham and Friends will help educate others about the benefits of bringing up baby on 811!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Hey I’m in!!!! I’m reading the book .. only on chapter four.. but will try hard to get it read in the next few days. I’m taking a baby step in today.. have had blueberries 1 grapefruit cherries persimmon a peach some raw dulse (I think graham bans sea veggies but at least fat free) plan to have a large vegetable salad with a dash of flax oil for dinner a chia pudding that I had made for dessert.. this is my transition day… tomorrow I will go for the real 8-1-1.. I may have a planned day off of July 18th and July 25th.. my birthday and hubbie’s birthday’s respectively

  • evelith…..i recognise that face….:o)...posting your weight isn’t necessary, though feel free to tell us of any loss/gain, should you feel like it…more important is posting your daily ‘eats’ rough calories, ratio (?/?/?) and daily exercise….feel free to opt out of any of the above, or to add anything else of interest

    hilary…hi….if you wanna blog…..keep dropping by to link to the blog so we all remember to drop in and take a look…..if you can post just some simple daily info here, that would be helpful…..the ratio is carb/prot/fat and a rough idea of what you eat would also be helpful

    kminty3…..i’ve seen you around this board often…glad you could join us :o)....dr.graham is actually very flexible with everything EXCEPT fat….he would even recommend a low-fat cooked meal over a high-fat raw meal….sea veg isn’t banned….nothing is banned…but many things are considered sub-optimal…..eventually you may find as you spend more time with 811 that these foods have less of an appeal…don’t force it…if it keeps you on the path it is cool :o)

    here’s a great, free natural hygiene resource….grahams 811 is really adapting and refining natural hygiene principals, with a more ‘athletic’ spin of his own


    see you all tomorrow :o)

  • I’m super excited so I am posting early. People at work are already noticing that I am losing weight and I have only been doing this for 5 days! (I’m only 5’1” so any gain/loss is instantly visible.) I weigh 123 lbs and would like to be 110 or lighter. I ride bike a couple miles to work daily and usually take at least one class at the gym on most days of the week so I am thinking I need at least 1,800 calories/day to reach my goal. Does that sound about right? This morning I had half of a watermelon at 8:30 and 120 cherries (I don’t have a scale yet) this afternoon at 3 so it looks like I am at about 1,275 calories. To be honest, I am still more than satisfied. I don’t know how I am going to be able to eat more, especially after the gym later. I can definitely see how getting all the calories in will be an issue on this diet. (That’s a first!) Another thing is that I can’t believe how un-thirsty I am. And it is about 90* with high humidity!

  • Found this while looking for more online 811 resources:

    The 80/10/10 Success Guide by Laurie Masters. Thought it might be useful to see what kind of things she included to be recorded in the journal. I see now it’s also featured on the FoodnSport site. Learning all the time :D

    Off to create an account at NutriDiary and download the Cron-o-meter to see which system I like best. Ciao!

  • From Gi2MR buddies, Chris and Zoe, at Purely Raw: http://www.purelyraw.com/deadfoodlist.htm

  • I’m going to join you all at this. I’ve actually tried and failed at 80/10/10 several times before. I can do high fat raw without a problem, but I haven’t been able to stay with 80/10/10 for more than a week. I read the book back in March, and the more I learned about Natural Hygiene, the more sense it made, but I found the diet very tough to implement. It’s a very restrictive diet, and it requires a different way of looking at food. I do love the simplicity of it, and the science behind it makes perfect sense. I’m determined to get it right this time. I’ve thought about why I continue to fail at this diet, and I’ve come up with a few major reasons:

    There aren’t any comfort foods to rely on. There’s nothing to binge on—no high fat splurges, no super dense foods, no addictive foods. You cannot really utilize this type of food for psychological numbing, something most of us do whether we acknowledge it or not.

    The diet requires a very high volume of foods to be eaten. You have to completely rethink the size of a meal. You can eat several pounds of fruit and still be lacking in calories. Thus, the diet requires a lot of time actually eating, and the stomach has to be stretched to an uncomfortable level. If you don’t eat enough calories, a binge is inevitable, but stuffing yourself to the point of pain or nausea is not pleasant.

    The diet is very simple and plain. This is a low fat, low sodium plant-based diet without any spices, flavorings, additives, or anything addictive. And it’s a diet of mostly mono meals, to boot. A beginner with overstimulated taste buds will initially find the flavors disappointing, and it may take quite a while to adapt.

    I think these problems can be overcome by just sticking with the diet and letting time take care of things. A 30 day solid commitment may be exactly what is needed.

  • sunnied…..my best easy calorie tip is orange juice…especially after a workout…use a normal citrus juicer to retain some fibre and just enjoy…..i’m about to go squeeze 50fl oz/1.5 litres for my breakfast….that’s 700 calories right there….mmmmm :o)....also ditching the foods that cause the body thirst (salty, dehyfrated etc), and eating juicy fruit really hydrates


    so….everybody have a great day :o)

  • there is a little pressure….1000 views before day 1 even started….we are being watched…..let’s try to post as much daily info and conduct this like a real study/experiment , for our own benefit and for the interest of ‘the lurkers’ :o)


    start the day with 1 – 1.5 litres of water to replace fluids lost in the night and to start the day off better hydrated

  • Happy 1st of July! I’m IN! I have been eating 811 for two weeks, since I returned from The SAD Binge To End All Binges, ugh. Been feeling pretty darn good!

    : )

  • littlebirdie…pleased to meet ya

  • Thanks, el-bo. I’ve been reading these threads with interest. I don’t have the book, and can’t afford the book at the moment as I’m a single mom/public school teacher/writer. But I think I’ve picked up enough here and there to know what to do.

  • Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and say hello! I’m still truckin’ right along – in fact about to head outside to break a sweat!

    el-bo – Glad to see you’re still around man. Bravo to you for starting these challenges over here at goneraw.

    sunnied – Hey!! Funny you mention about not being thirsty. I can totally relate. In fact it’s gotten to a point now where I can taste impurities in bottled water (or additives.. I don’t know it just doesn’t taste right). Really glad to see you on the thread. =)

    Tip** For those that haven’t dug through virtually every post on vegsource.com, Dr. D. suggests ‘chasing’ your fruit with greens. So after I eat 5-7 bananas (i.e.) I may munch on 4-5 sticks of celery or 1/4 to 1/2 of lettuce, kale, collard… really whatever I have at the time or what makes me salivate at the thought of (wow… 1 year ago I never thought I’d salivate at the thought of greens).

    Peace and love,


  • Are greens not allowed in the morning? Are colonics not necessary?

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  • Hey. I’ve been on 80/10/10 for awhile and I’m loving it. I just wanted to point out my website if anyone is looking for more info. www.raw-food-health.net

    Hope you enjoy it.

  • cheers robby for the heads-up….i’m not in that kind of money at the mo :o(....besides, if i was , i would save a bit more and go and fast in costa rica with doug…the fasting is a real dream of mine :o)

    please feel free to drop by anytime…your story is truly inspiring and your knowledge would be very helpful :o)

  • Add me in. I went raw June 20th and almost immediately read about 80/10/10 and headed that direction. My book is due to arrive Saturday.

    This is such a tasty, easy way to eat. And I can’t believe how much less kitchen mess!

    Added: Midday food list (so I don’t forget by time to go home)

    Breakfast: Green Smoothie – banana, 4 peaches, 2 kiwi, 4 oz. spinach, 1 cup OJ

    Mid Morning: 2 bananas, 5 oz. romaine leaves, 2 Tbs Newman’s lowfat sesame ginger dressing (not raw)

    Lunch: 2 oz. romaine (should have brought more romaine), @1/2 Tbs of the dressing, 1/2 persimmon, 1 large tangerine, 1/2 banana, 1 cup blackberries, 1 cup cantaloupe

    I really don’t worry about food combining, probably ‘cause my body doesn’t seem to worry about it either.

  • rusticbohemian…cool…thnks…will look at your website in grerater detail later….d’ya mind if i ‘pinch’ that fruit stall pic for my gi2mr photo slide ? :o)

    kayell….welcome…be sure to post details at the end of your day :o)

  • Hello, all. I am so in. Still waiting for the book – so I just have to hang in there a couple days.

  • sunnied…sure you can have your greens in the morning, as long as they are accompanied by sufficient fruit….most 811’rs plan their days around fruit so that they have enough enegy to meet the day and then get the greens later on

    or as seize suggested, eat some greens with each meal…keep it simple, though….remember to try and practice good food-combining as it will aid your digestion further

    and colonics…the amount of fibre in your day should keep things running a lot smoother , colon-wise…colonics don’t fall into the realm of natural hygiene…

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Woke up feeling so sluggish! I think that was because of the big bowl of chia pudding I had last night as a mental ‘last night of fat for a month’ thing. Anyway.. couldn’t jog like I normally would because I just felt so icky but went for a short walk. Planning to ride my bike for about 1/2 hour tonight when I get home.. food wise here goes: vitamineral green drink (just bought it and plan to still use it) breakfast: grapefruit lunch: two bananas with a few goji berries and spinach snack: apple, papaya, dulse dinner: large mixed salad with a little dressing made with tomato, celery and a teaspoon of tahini handful baby carrots snack: two banana’s hopefully tomorrow morning I will feel better and can get back to being more physical. I made some rice in case dinner leaves me screaming for something more. It’s difficult to drop sea salt.. I didn’t realize how much I rely on it


    65 fluid ounces of orange juice

    10 medium bananas


    1956 calories 92/5/4

    no real activity today….it’s so hot, here….gonna have to really work on this side of things

    see y’all later

  • Thanks el-bo, that makes sense.

    Nice site RusticBohemian. Could have saved me $30 if I had seen it sooner ;) Do you have before shots of yourself?

    Last night after the cardio sculpting class and yoga I had 2 oranges and about 8 oz of baby greens totalling 1,351 calories for the day. That nutri-diary is great and super easy to use!

    I’ll post today’s total later on tonight. Hope everyone is having a great Day 1!

  • I’m in, will start tomorrow :)

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    just a quick note: finally signed on to nutridiary.. so cool! anyway here’s my numbers today cal: 1617 (need a couple hundred more to hit my goal) 12/81/07 I put down that I would have a tablespoon flax oil on my salad but the dressing I made really probably only has about a teaspoon tahini per serving (couldn’t find tahini in nutridiary) so my fat may be a little lower.. may have some other kind of fruit after dinner to hit the extra two hunded and fifty calories they want me to have

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